Lust, Love and Steel - Age of Calamitous (PvE RP/ERP 18+)

Greetings Exiles!

Lust, Love and Steel - AoC (PvE RP/ERP 18+)

Discord required:

LLS has been through some changes. We are now a PvE Age of Calamitous server.

Mods List:

Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.0.2
Fashionist v3.0.2 (1.0 and DLC compatible)
Glass Constructions and more…
Savage Steel
Savage Steel vol II
IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables Decor
Emberlight 2.1.2
Conan Sexiles 3.1.5
Conspirator Armor
Sexy Silent Legion Armor
Improved Quality of Life
Roleplay 1.8.1
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
The Age of Calamitous
Stacksize Plus v1.6.0 (DLC compatible)
Less Building Placement Restrictions

Server Settings:

Slots: 50
Battleye Enabled: False
Logout Characters RemainIn The World: FALSE
Drop Equipment On Death: FALSE
Drop Shortcut Bar On Death: FALSE
Drop Backpack On Death: FALSE
Everybody Can Loot Corpse: FALSE
Enable Sand Storm: TRUE
Avatars Disabled: TRUE

Durability Multiplier: .5
Player Food Multiplier: .3
Player Water Multiplier: .3
Player Idle Thirst Multiplier: .1
Player Active Thirst Multiplier: .3
Player Offline Thirst Multiplier: .1
Player Idle Hunger Multiplier: .1
Player Idle Hunger Multiplier: .1
Player Active Hunger Multiplier: .3
Player Offline Hunger Multiplier: .1
Shield Durability Multiplier: .5
Day Cycle Speed Scale: .6
Day Time Speed Scale: .4
Night Time Speed Scale: .4
Dawn Dusk Speed Scale: .6
Harvest Amount Multiplier: 5.0
Item Spoil Rate Scale: .2
Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier: 2.0
Land Claim Radius Multiplier: .5
Clan Purge Trigger: 20000.00
Clansize: 12

Player XP Rate Multiplier: 4.0
Player XP Kill Multiplier: 3.0
PlayerXP Harvest Multiplier: 2.0
PlayerXP Craft Multiplier: 3.0
Player XP Time Multiplier: 1.0

Crafting Cost Multiplier: 1
Item Conversion Multiplier (Crafting Speed): .2
Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier: .2
Animal Pen Crafting Time Multiplier: .2
Thrall Conversion Multiplier: .3

Purge Level : 3
Purge Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Purge Periodicity: 2
Purge Duration: 30 Minutes
Min Purge Online Players: 1

Pippi Commands available:

The Chasind and Awakened:

/list admin


/me (Displays action in 3rd person context)
/list players
/list clans
/list mute
/do (Displays action in 3rd person context)
/heatmap (Displays your personal heatmap to locate your objects)


Still going strong! More stuff being added!

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Awesome server with great admins. Always doing their best to add new things and keep things running smooth and sexy.

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Good server, highly recommend it. :]

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One of the best Conan server ever. Join us !!

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New content added. Many RP accessories and building options available. Join us! :slight_smile:

After dealing with a lightning strike at gportal east coast data center, everything has been back to normal the last 24 hours. Some come on over!

Shameless bump :slight_smile: Server is going strong, community is growing daily :slight_smile:

**Update on server settings: Lust, Love and Steel is now a full 24/7 PvP server and bodies no longer remain in world when logged off or disconnected. The map room quest is no available to open the map room for use.

***Update: By major majority vote, bodies stay in world was turned back on, seemed people on this server like the chance of being abducted <.<

Shameless bump :slight_smile:

Its been a trying 2 weeks with the update fiasco, but LLS is still up and running, and the Funcom fix has seemed to resolve most issues. Come on back if you have been taking a break after the latest DLC update because of the frame rate drops. :slight_smile: Or if you are looking for a new home, come on over :slight_smile:

New age of adventure on Lust, Love and Steel!

We banned you because you were harassing women in-game, using admin-spawned items for personal gain, and using your admin abilities around other players who could do nothing against you with lightsabers ruining their immersion. You also were sharing the rulings and conversations from within our admin channel to players, which broke our trust.

The admins that were dismissed were all done so for legitimate reasons. We will not be appealing your ban, Grim.

Is this server still active? Id like to join with a friend but the discord link is expired.

I would like to join you guys but the discord link is expired and i can’t find your ip