Lust, Love and Steel II (RP/ERP 18+) is now open for the public! (PC) (Launch Trailer)

Hello! Lust, Love and Steel II (E)RP/PvE-C 18+ is open and waiting for you to come tell your tale!

Short Video:
Mod List: Steam Workshop::Lust, Love and Steel II

No drop on death

Low Fantasy; Very close to Conan Lore.

No building decay

Slightly boosted basic server settings

Full PvP active Saturdays and Sundays with designated 24/7 PvP battle zones scattered around the map.

Purge active Monday through Friday

Paragons Leveling: Attribute and feats after level 60 is turned off, however, you can still earn bonus attribute and feat points as you level starting at level 10 and every 10 levels to level 100, then every 20 levels from level 100 to 200, then two more bonus kits from level 200 to 300. One level 250 and the final bonus kit at level 300. You still earn the bonus perks from Paragons after level 60 that a cumulative up to level 300. This keeps the game challenging, stimulates a player economy and with careful planning 2 attributes can be maxed out.

Arena Battles: The Arena is available for any player or clan to plan an event, but when it is not in use for a player event a random boss will be there for a challenge and chance for epic loot rewards. There is a boss rotation every Monday and it is in a PvP area so friendly fire can happen, adding to the challenge.

Simple, easy to navigate starting area.

2 large roleplaying hubs with the opportunity to make your settlement a hub.

Join us!

Added Arena Battles today. When the Arena is not scheduled for any player event, there will be a weekly boss for players to challenge themselves. Every Monday a different boss will be chosen for the week. These are Thrall Wars bosses, a great challenge for some group fun. The arena is also a PvP area so the possibility of friendly fire adds to the challenge.

Added some updated links to the main post :slight_smile:

Update day today. Please be patient as all the modders get there stuff updated :slight_smile:

LLS II is up and ready now after this big update. Thanks to all the mod authors for their quick response to the update :slight_smile: (there may be some stragglers updating)

Looking for a new home? A place to begin a new story? Plenty of land to grab, come get your favorite spot :wink:

Seeking active players to help grow not just a Conan Exiles community, but an active gaming community :slight_smile: Plenty of room on the server, come on down! Pleas be patient as I am not just the owner, I am the only admin at the moment and will get to you as quickly as I can :slight_smile:

Updated :slight_smile: