Lust, Love and Steel is returning! (PC)

Lust, Love and Steel is returning!

For 2 years it was one of the most popular RP servers until real life took a turn and I had to shut it down.

The server is now back on line, but needs a crew that will help it grow again!

The server will be a PvE-C server, purge active during the weekdays, PvP weekends with specific areas for PvP when it is not PvP weekend.

I am seeking people, either old Lust, Love and Steel members or fresh new ones that want to make the server into a great place to play.

I have been on it the last week, testing out the mods to be sure they all work well together and wont crash the server and fine tuning the server settings. If you are a builder and enjoy making content, whether places for people to gather or quests, have some spare time and want to help run a server, contact me on discord and let’s get started. There is no rush to get the server ready, we take our time, work on it when we can to make it ready and to make sure it is right before opening to the public.

Experience a plus but not required, there are plenty of guides and tools to help you learn.


Bump for the mod list :slight_smile:

Been hard at it. A little teaser video of the noob area, still got a bit of deco to do but its coming along. My building skills are… mediocre at best <.< but its nice and simple, the way a noob area should be :stuck_out_tongue: