Made a short fan video

No, you just need the main program :slight_smile:

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Thank You
Doing first lesson in the DaVinci Lessons series.

Hello X-x,
I have a question for you and I hope you donโ€™t mine please :heart_eyes:
I will try Napster for music D/L, ok do you think
How do I get music to my computer,I used to be able to D/L from amazom.
Customer support said you canโ€™t do that any more.
Is there away to record using my computer and a mic?
Through the video card?
I have some ideas of what I wantto do.
Thanks Again

When I try to post a video here in the forums, it tells me that no links are allowed in posts. How to you create this post with a video?

Good deal, thanks mate!