Maelstrom Cheesing issue is a coding fault not player exploit

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There is a server setting with how many can spawn. I am sure this will be addressed very soon with the default settings being adjusted and potentially, the aoe farm nerfed :slight_smile:

Have they said anything like that? I have not seen.

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Has this exploit been reported to them or was it just random running around and bringing mobs to the guys with the poison arrows?

Its not a exploit. The issue is there is legit no cap on how many can spawn.

You said there is something in the server settings and if that is so, it does not seem to be working at all.

Calling it a exploit because you can’t fix faulty code isn’t the fault of the player. They are just playing the game.


No, it’s not. I completely agree that they should not have let the issue slip through their testing, but that doesn’t absolve players from knowingly abusing it.

If others have patiently explained what the cheesing does and why it’s bad for the whole server, then how hard is it to not be a selfish brat and just avoid doing it until it’s fixed?

There is a cap. And it looks like it’s not the number of AIs that’s causing the server-crippling lag, it’s letting the corpses pile up. So things might not be as simple and easy as it seems at the first glance.

Cheesing the mobs, in general, isn’t an exploit. Doing it in such a way that will cripple the whole server, intentionally, despite being informed about it – that’s where cheesing becomes an exploit.

Sure, and undermeshers are also just playing the game. And dupers are also just playing the game.

Knowingly abusing a flaw in the code in a way that will negatively impact other’s experience is an exploit.

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The cap is 200 ambush on player (which is what is being exploited) + 200 randomly roaming but not sure if ambush is per player or in general.

Default values:
MaxAmbientElderThings = 200
MaxSiegeElderThings = 5
MaxAmbushElderThings = 200

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FC confirmed they consider it an exploit if you intentionally overload the server to the extent it causes duplicate spawns. So, it sounds like we are all operating against a very vague, subjective guideline.

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Please post the facts of where you got this info.

Also you are ignoring the fact that they intend players to be in the storms farming for unstables. They even want you do build structures to defend, so not matter what way you try and twist it against the players.


Players are not abusing anything. They are playing the game like they wanted them to be.

Finally this is exactly what they want to happen. They rather you and I bicker about how the players are at fault and how they are not when at the end of the day they are still the ones that caused it in the first place.

Again just own up to mistakes and stop blaming the player. Most players do not want to just lag the server out for no reason to begin with, so its silly to blame them for just playing the game.

Stay on track Direct your discomfort towards Funcom

This isn’t the same thing. Players are doing exactly what they want them to do, which is farm the malstreom.

The player gains nothing from lagging out the server.

You act like people are intentionally trying to harm the servers when in reality most are not.

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The info, such as it is, comes from the following sources:

And you are ignoring the fact that there are many ways to farm the essence in the Maelstrom, but only one brings the whole server down.

Here, I’ll make one last attempt to explain this despite your obvious willful refusal to understand the nuances:

Let’s say you’re renting an apartment in a building with shoddy circuit breakers, and when you have both the vacuum cleaner and the microwave working at the same time, you short out the lights for the whole building. The landlord knows about the problem and have scheduled the repairs, but in the mean time, they’re asking the residents to make sure they don’t overload the circuits.

Is it the fault of the landlord that they let the circuits deteriorate to that point? Absolutely. But if you’ve been informed about the problem, and you still knowingly do the thing you shouldn’t, then you are at fault too.

Just like an apartment building, a server is shared. If you want to be a selfish brat who doesn’t care about others and doesn’t want to be reprimanded for it, go do so in your single-player game or on a private server where you’re the admin.

The only people doing the bickering are those who knowingly abuse this system and refuse to accept their share of responsibility. Not that I’m surprised, really. The real world is full of people like that: people who park across two spaces, people who refuse to wear the mask during the pandemic, etc.


You can achieve large swarms of maelstrom enemies through various methods, it doesn’t stem from one specific method.

You don’t have to be sitting on a rock or ledge to get this, you can achieve this by building in the maelstrom, by kiting large groups of enemies, or by cheesing enemies. The issue stems from the # of mobs being spawned. This isn’t something players can avoid, if you want to farm the maelstrom effectively, you will encounter large # of spawns regardless of the method used, and the server performance will suffer.

To add to this problem is the very high # of ???s needed to get a max tier surge. Requiring 500 unstable ??? (basically the same as farming a god coin), for the chance at a few decent crafting thralls means that players have to farm the maelstrom efficiently and often.

How are you supposed to farm the maelstrom effectively without causing server lag? Please explain.


Nice try but I clearly quoted you talking about dead bodies being the cause of server lag. Why you post videos that do not prove your point on the bodies causing the lag is beyond me.

  1. I didn’t ignore that fact you just didn’t read my statement fully.
  1. You are the one not realizing that this issue will still occur because you will still end up with a giant horde and dead bodies outside your base you are trying to defend.

  2. As far as I know you have to kill the mobs to get the essence there isn’t any other way so IDK what you are talking about.

This is a horrible analogy and doesn’t fit even close to the same situation. A better one would be the owners of the apartment knowingly gave you a door that causes the whole apartment to collapse, knowing you have to use it to get into your home. Then they just blame you the second you open the door. And instead of everyone actually screaming at the owners everyone is screaming at the guy who was just trying to get into his home.

The guys intention isn’t to destroy the building, so to frame him as the bad guy when his intentions are not wicked is just wrong and silly.

Stop treating this like the players are just doing this out of ill will you have no backing on saying that.

Nice try, but what I said was this (and I’ll add more emphasis this time):

You asked me for sources, and I provided them. If I get a response from Funcom saying that they tested it and confirmed that it’s the dead body, I’ll be happy to provide that too.

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That’s the thing. As multiple players have now been reporting, it seems that the issue that cripples the server is letting the corpses pile up. Why? I don’t know – I don’t have access to the code.

I’ve seen the difference myself, and I’ll try to get some screenshots for the next time. When the mobs start swarming, the server FPS will go down, but it won’t tank completely. But when people use that one specific cheesing tactic of gassing the mobs and then harvesting them later, that’s when I’ve seen the server soil its bed.

When I discover that, I’ll let you know. In the mean time, I won’t put the efficiency of my own farming above the common good of the whole freaking server. In other words, I won’t ruin the game for up to 39 other players just so that I can do things faster. Either I’ll find a better way through experimenting, or they’ll fix this and the whole point will be moot.

Nedesa did you know that they are banning people that are fighting these monsters during the last half when the spawn increases? Its not just a point of contention for the community, as players can get their favorite pocket admin to ban for fighting in the maelstrom.

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Bodies can cause lag if you want to do it easy go single and spawn # and kill them and record but single is not as strong as online server and it helps with load. Thought that may help with quick results but yes on Xbox lots of corpses can be worse or crash it but that’s Xbox not pc Hope that helps

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Exactly, thank you.

I personally just think they should fix why there is a need for the exploit before taking away the only viable ??? Method there is in the game. They’ll take it away and it’ll feel like it will be 6h of straight maelstrom game play to get enough to do the highest summon level.

I still don’t get their breakup of the ???, a fly gives lesser ??? Which is worth 1 swirling chaos, trash mobs like the cats and the ghouls drop unstable ??? which is worth 2 swirling chaos, but then the 1 skull spider bosses which spawn almost as frequently as all of the trash mobs, which hit harder and have more hp, still only give a single unstable ??? ? Makes no sense to me.

Either fix both issues at once, or fix the extremely slow farming rate of swirling chaos first.

On a side not I dislike how funcom makes a game where something is labelled with 4 question marks, but their forum automatically shortens it to 3 question marks upon posting.