Maelstrom Configuration

Hi, I am trying to reconfigure the settings for the maelstrom to make it more challenging.

I have been tweaking the sliders trying to find a sweet spot, but I am encountering an issue that I’m not sure about.

When the maelstrom first starts and I enter it, the mobs spawn in on me like they should. Now, after killing them or running to another area of the maelstrom a good percentage of the time there are no more mobs and they no longer spawn in on me for a good amount of time. It should be noted that I am the only one on the server when testing this.

Here are my current slider settings:

Elder Thing Idle Lifespan - 60 *I have tried 30, 60, and 300 and do not notice a difference.

Elder Thing Spawn Rate - 9.0 *This does seem to make a big difference but only if they are actually spawning.

Ambient Elder Thing Respawn Rate - 1.0 *I have tried 0.1 as a setting and it did not seem to make a difference. I am also confused as to why these two settings are managed differently. “Elder thing spawn rate” is described as the rate of elder thing spawns vs “ambient elder thing respawn rate” is described as the time in between spawns. Is that not the same thing? Why is that worded this way?

Max Ambient Elder Things - 700
Max Ambush Elder Things - 300

Siege Elders are currently disabled.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Edit After playing around with the settings more I have realized that what I am interested in is the ambush elder spawns but I guess there is a max limit to how many ambush elders can spawn onto a single player?

It would be nice to have a higher limit or to remove it completely :slight_smile:

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