Maelstrom has been neutered

Those 10-12 were for the duration of the whole Maelstrom? Or was that just the “last wave”?

it seems to be some regions of the storm then, people on Official PvE are still reporting Northern Maelstrom spawns are extremely low.

Please! does that mean that insane dark circle will no longer haunt my characters as I move about?

Does that mean the grindy just got more grindy?

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Umm. Not exactly. Basically, more things were spawning in and I couldn’t kill them faster than they were arriving. So the numbers just sorta slowly trended up over time. I broke and ran when I started to worry that I’d get surrounded, stun locked and killed.



“Godamnit! People are abusing a core mechanic. Lets make the mechanic so underwhelming that its impossible!”

Okay more testing, Northern Maelstrom seems to not work. The ambush spawns rarely happen, and only 3 attack you at once. If you go to the Southern of the Tower, the spawns seem to be working as before.

It wasn’t just corpses piling up, though evidence does seem to show that that was part of it.

It was mentioned in another thread on this that cheesing the AI (or perhaps more precisely, something related to the actions involved in doing so) was actually causing more creatures to spawn than intended, even bypassing the server setting that put a cap on that number. Thus all the extra lag. A “fix” like making the creatures immune to gas or making them able to shoot back would not, in fact, fix this problem. At best, it would discourage average players from cheesing, at least in the maelstrom, but would do nothing about the determined exploiters specifically looking to maximize ??? farming.

Additionally, if there were extra creatures being spawned that were not intended to spawn, that would have a dramatic affect on the rate of ??? acquisition. Which makes it significantly harder to balance that grind.

The Maelstrom definitely feels very milquetoast since this hotfix. Where before the folks on my server used to enjoy banding together to see how long we could slog it out on flat ground before having to flee, now it’s a complete snooze-fest.

Even after looking thru the server settings, nothing really jumps out at me as a means to pump up the number of spawns, or even restore the ramp-up function we were accustomed to.

If the number of spawns are going to remain so low, then we at least need the difficulty (and amount of essence to be had) increased over time.


Did maelstrom today. Got 262 unstable solo, and 460 in a duo. I like how they balanced the respawn, feels realy nice. Also, for both farming sessions i had constant 70 ping. Awesome.

What region were you in? Coordinates or map region would be great as it seems to be different based on the part of the storm you are in.

It’s due to the lag they nerfed the amount of mobs during the storm. Until they find a solution to this, don’t expect the number of mobs to go back up.

Yea, I understand. Honestly, it’s not as bad as I thought, and I’m actually coming out ahead on essence. It’s still pretty exciting, though I do kinda miss the “ok, this is too much, time to cut and run” and go running out with lightning strikes all around you.


There are lots of good spots where you can farm unstables. The spike in elder respawn will start after 15min.
Also, the number of players will affect the respawn rate, because each player has their own elder respawns, so you can use that to your advantage. Have some players join you and you’ll get a swarm faster, but I wouldn’t recommend that since it will be more difficult.
I mainly farm here solo:

These images are from today, which is post-patch(after the maelstrom nerf).
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I think it is a band aid (hopefully) so people would stop lagging servers to dead stops. My hope is that they will figure out a better way to deal with the lag issues of corpses. But if left unchecked, well just see Exiles for the ill effects of month long cheesing going unchecked until full solution.


For me I thought it was actually better. I farm solo with my sabertooth on the very edge of the storm, I normally get 7 to 13 unstable ??? in that time, after the patch however they were striking faster and in 2’s which resulted from me getting 33 unstable ??? for my time

Thank you, That’s the same South location I’ve also had good luck in. It seems to be an issue with anything North of the Tower.

Try going north of the tower, near the elephants or rhinos, and see if your yield is as high.

What location are you farming in?

Not necessarily. If they were to reduce the amount of chaos needed for the high end purges, they could leave the rates as they are…or maybe increase it a bit. If they leave the amount alone, then they need to greatly increase the rates of legendaries. On hardcore pvp servers, solo and small groups stand no chance to get them.