Maelstrom Need to be Changed

They need to tone down the spawn-rate as well. The more creatures, the more lag. And there are lots of them spawning during the storm. To make up for it, they could increase duration of the storm, as well as the duration when there’s no storm.

The lag hasn’t been bad on my official server for a while now, so that leads me to believe that they have the situation under control.

So, make the grind even grindier? And make the vaults stay locked longer? No offense, but no thanks.

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But teh RNG can render hours of harvesting surge mats mute if you don’t get anything you need or get duplicate crafters instead. Sending hours to obtain enough mats to only get T4 cooks would make me rage quit. And that takes a lot, even on PVP, i never rage quit.

On PVP good luck finding 3 clans willing to split and share. that concept only works on PVE. PVP is very unbalanced due to not being able to farm T4’s on the down low. the whole server will know when you create a surge, and guess who will be there to poach/or kill your thralls? Yep the 10 person OG clan with its infinite stored mats (just takes one “watcher” to tell the others to log in). Funny, it always come back to that economic breaking on raid PVP. Once you have something, it is there until you quit.

Again they need to tier the Surge so solos and those that can’t play hours on end can enjoy it.

T1 20 Eldarium, 250 ??? 1 Wave
T2 30 Eldarium, 400 ??? 2 waves (15 eld, 200 ??? per wave)
T3 40 Eldarium, 675 ??? 4 waves (10 eld, 168.8 ??? per wave)
T4 50 Eldarium, 1000 ??? 7 waves (current) (7.1 eld, 141 ??? per wave)

The RNG is the same, just less waves. The most effecient is the current, less resources per.

And remove the the underlining ??? cost to tier for the 7 waves we have now.


Maybe change the requirements to be based on the size of the clan the summoner is from?

1000 for clan of 10
900 for a clan of 9
800 for a clan of 8
… and so on.


And then the procedure for summoning a surge goes like this:

  1. Gather the whole clan at the Leyshrine.
  2. Craft 100 chaos.
  3. Kick everyone out.
  4. Pull the lever.
  5. Invite everyone back in.
  6. Profit!



Surely that should be
6. RNG :wink:

Agreed. And I can most definitely see large clans doing just that to avoid the mechanic.


I still believe that thier should be 1 week cooldowns for clan kicks/adds. this would alieviate alot of the cheesing of alts etc as well.

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It probably would, but it was very helpful when PVE(-C) players couldn’t access the leyshrine altars :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with this.

Add a 2 weeks cooldown to not be able to join a clan after leaving one.
Also, hide player names during PvP time so you can’t see them when you hover on a player character outside of your clan.

The maelstrom is a great idea, but tying it to base-game thrall acquisition seems bone-headed to me.

The Maelstrom and its implementation are obviously centered around PVP, i.e., the no-build zone and the open-area spawn mechanic. The summoned Surge mechanic should lead to Purge thralls and boss-mobs that drop end-game loot, designed specifically for PVP-based play. There are tons of ways to itemize that distinguish between PVP and non-PVP play, but heaven forbid it actually requires thoughtful game design to accomplish.

They should then invest some resources into actually populating Siptah with NPC camps for thralls, so players have more content to interact with than a Random Number Generator.

I have never heard a complaint about thralling, except that named crafter spawn rates are too high. That’s a pretty easy fix, actually, as in, just decrease the spawn rates.

I believe that the way surges work, add alot of value to T2, T3.
When you get a T4 crafter, it is an amazing experience and it feels like a real acomplishment.
Back on exiled lands, I have 50 chests of T4 thralls, purge and non-purge. They have little to no value.
I already have a few T4 purge crafters on Isle of Siptah (official server) and I value them greatly.


Absolutely, and that is without a doubt a very good thing. In the Exiled Lands I literally wouldn’t bother to enslave a T1, T2 or T3 crafter, except perhaps at level 20-30 max, which is over in the blink of an eye.

Agreed, and that’s as it should be!

Agreed. Some T4 crafters had value due to either their relative rarity and/or being the only ones to craft specific flawless armor/dyes.

I think the current implementation, particularly Wild Surges, is erring on the side of caution, but I do understand why they’d rather start too harsh and then (slightly) ease up than the opposite, as it’s very difficult to put the lid back on if people get even a short window of opportunity to stack up.

Perhaps if they shifted everything except Purge/“T5” crafters down a tier, so:
Wild Surges should be able to spawn T2 crafters (if rarely).
Summoned Surge Max tier is the only one to spawn “T5s”, with the rest (T1-T4) distributed semi-randomly in the Summoned Surges in-between.


i am in so much agreement with this. but i believe T2 should be available in wild surges (being rare should still be possible to see it)

T3 and upwards from surges. you should be able to have a chance to get t4s crafters (at lower level surges, cimmerians for instance they dont seen to have a t4 for them,) just for the thrill of the hunt. adding t4s will obviously make the game interesting. but purge type ones only for high level ones.

That’s very similar to what I have for a PVE base, but a slightly fewer kilns and firebowls. :wink:

I also build more improved armorers benches and blacksmith benches (but keep 1 regular armorer bench for making non-epic stuff).

I had saturday to play all day, and ground the vaults repeatedly until I had about 1k decayed eldarium. I also did some maelstrom farming before, during and after all that vault grinding.

Smelted some of the eldarium for gear research on the Delving bench, but 650 for a level 4 summoning - 50 to craft a box, and the 600 for the zappy things in the 3 thrall landing pads.

I did it with a t4 archer thrall with 9k HP that acted as a distraction for the 1 skull baddies that drop with the thralls.

got a decent amount of t4 thralls (armorer, carpenter, dancer, 2 archers, 1 fighter).

BUT based on the time invested, I don’t see me doing that again. The map is beautiful, but the vaults get very VERY repetitive and boring after the 10th time you’ve been through EACH one. :laughing:

I want to see what other eldarium weapons I can research, but the amount of decayed eldarium needed to research AND craft… just isn’t worth the effort IMHO.


Call me crazy, but that’s why I think the game is missing some solid end game loops. There needs to be something beyond the Eldarium/??? grind to get better thralls to grind more Eldarium/???. I know you can creatively farm ??? and that you can live without T4 armorers and black smiths. There needs to be some type of motivation via another series of end game loops…something like questing or collecting. PvP shennanigans provides one alternative but for those doing PvE there is something missing. Hope they have something good planned with the tower.

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What you should be doing as pve is planning to make a ‘fort’ in the storm but its just not possible as is, nor is worth doing even if te mechanics changed a bit sigh.

Yeah i think/hope the tower will open and ascending it will be the new end game, but how eldarium and surges factor into that is up in the air.

Just a simple example of something totally not need it.
This is not aimed directly towards Codemage, because so many players overreact with These amounts of working benches.
Since i started playing this game i never used more then 1 of each working bench Apart the furnaces which i used for Bricks and Metal.

Call it “playing ecological” or whatever…but the amounts of useless stuff stored by each individual is ridiculous…thing which affects the Server Performance…i still remember the Times when i was waiting 10-20 Minutes for a Base to fully load…

Imagine urself playing on a high populated Server on which every Single Player requires 30-40 crafters, then add another 30-40 storage boxes/vaults full of Crap…then add another 30-40 figther thralls…from which you can only use 1 at a time…Server load will be at max…then add to it a bug(call it Exploit, call it poor coding, call it whatever you like) the Server will crash.

You can come and say back to me…“But hey, Coty…i want to Build my Self a Industrial like city, a thrall Zoo”, or whatever you want to Build that will require this absurd amounts of stuff. Build IT, no one has anything against it…but then do not come crying like a Baby when the Server crashes or point fingers at people which are playing the game just the way Funcom MADE IT.

HOW ABOUT you Think twice before you start crying and keep a Cleaner base yourself.

The thing(exploit) with players using bows with blunted/poison/explosive arrows together with the climbing system, on dumb AI or poor Design is in the game from the start of Conan Exiles…it is not only a maelstrom/siptah thing.

All i say is, good mechanics/Features with bad implementation. This time around, the devs just choose to reduce the amounts of things spawn inside the maelstrom…was it a good decision? Maybe. Was it the right decision? MAYBE. Was is the best way to fix this issue? I highly doubt it…

Remember…the same people that Made the game are punishing players for playing it the way they Made it…for Solo players the current amount of time need it to get ONE SINGLE
DECENT crafter thrall is around 20 to 50 hours playtime(if ur lucky and skilled enough to Solo a overcharged Surge) on Siptahino.

Yes, SIPTAHINO…the NEW Casino game from Funcom…