Maelstrom settings issue

Anyone found a fix for this? My server doesn’t show these settings at all.

Hi guys

We have the same issue with our non mod private server. The maelstorm settings were not touched, but in the last days it won´t start. Even the flood won´t start.
We compared the settings and everything is set as posted by @Narelle. And yet the Maelstorm won’t start and we played several hours in a row.

Does anyone have an idea what this might be due to?

Check if you have some settings that are entered twice but with different values. If you don’t have any, I would suggest deleting all storm settings from your ServerSettings.ini (the server will use the default values then) and see if this solves the issue.

We will try tomorrow. Hopefully this works.
Thank you

Edit: we´ve tried it now but its still the same :frowning: . no double entries found.

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We’re having the same problem on our G-Portal windows hosted server.
We had Maelstroms and Surges the first day, and now nothing.

The setting of the storms were changed. Reading this post, I reverted everything back to default, and made sure that no settings lines were left in the server.ini, but still, no storms or surge on the server anymore :frowning:

If anyone can help, please let me know.

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Hi…its me again
Our problem is for now solved…who knows for how long
Our solution way: re-install the game on the server and switch the settings (saved this before :wink: )

maybe its a permanent solution…hopefully

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Were you able re-load the save? Or you had to start from a clean state?
Although it has only been a few days, our group would not be happy with a wipe.

We reload a backup from 6h earlier and its fine. even copypaste of the setting works well. And after the automatic restart everthing is still fine.

We have resetted Server settings ingame. Restarted the server. Changed some settings except for maelstrom. Restarted again and now all is fine again.

Using ServerBlend here. Maelstrom and Wild Surges not happening.

Please, no need to reinstall the server. Narelle posted what needs to be in your ServerSettings.ini

I made sure that those were in mine, and that fixed my server. My settings are solid and I set the file to ‘read-only’ so that no alterations can be made to it with any “patches”… until this issue is resolved.

We had the ServerSettings.ini as Narelle told us, but it still not work, until we do this (re-install) earlier this day. :woman_shrugging:

Did any of you have any mods installed?

We have no mods installed.

I followed Narelle’s instructions. Did not help. I completely erased the ServerSettings.ini and then rebooted. Still no luck.

Are you guys running IQoL (mod)? Apparently, it somehow affects the storm. I don’t run this mod but I have seen reports of others. For the ones not running mods, I am sorry, I have no other ideas.

So what are all the mods people are running now with Isle of Siptah? We are having the same issue with the maelstrom not spawning. Now I have been reading about a start command? does this have to be done at every restart? I run a dedicated server but no IQoL mod. was curious if we could find out if it is truely a mod causing it. Here are my mods I am running:
Pippi User & Server Mgmt 3.3.3
Glass Constructions and more…
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Fashionist 3.3.1 DLC compatable
Thrallsidekick 0.5.7
less building Placement restrictions 7.1.8
Unlock Plus with Pickup 1.4.2

I run: pippi+fashionist+stacksize+lbpr+unlock plus and I have no issues with the storm.

Does the storm work with the command for you?

No maelstrom on my server too, since Hotfix 3.0.2 and the change on Gportal of the settings window…

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