Magic hill chest?!

I thoight the rock falling off cliffs “randomly” was a bug. I thought this till yesterday when i noticed something in the place of where the rock came from, twas a chest! Tryed to open it, does not open, then after a short while, 1 min maybe it slowly sinks back into the hillside/cliff.

What are they? How do i open them?

did it do nothing when you tried to open it??

I saw one of these as well at the Great Dam, it was floating on top of the water then just sank when it got to the dam, thought it was like some part of a decayed base or something…

things do get moved via the currents and such in the game… for example if you die in lava your body might get moved.

no idea what these chest are but I doubt it is anything to special

There is another chest on Eyelet Lake that appears shortly after dead ghosts animation. All these chests worked properly on EA but are bugged since official launch.

Never heard about this or seen them XD so they are not the typical lvl 60 chest that requires a skeleton key?

For me; The one that the spirits bring you at eyelet lake was an ‘large chest’ with mid teir loot. The one at the dam which floats was a crappy wood chest with fibre and bone.

Not sure about OP’s that ones sounds interesting

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No. These are opened chests with standard loot.

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I notice falling rocks, thats where they are, one near the giant spider, and one more s/e of that. Cant open, says nothing about key, then they litrally slide back in to the hill.

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