Mail pidgeons/mail crafting

It could at least really help the rp communities if we had a rp way to get in touch with eachother while one is away for trade purposes among other things.

I suggest pidgeons, a smal wall placed bird house at lvl 1 with room for only 5 mail, then at lvl 15 a bigger one on a pole with room for 15 ingoing and 15 outgoing, at last at lvl 50 a small pidgeon shed with 100 mails or unlimited.

To craft: tier 1 eggs, feathers, wood, fiber, tier 2 the same + papyrus and at tier 3 also steel.

Maybe also having each mail requering fiber/papyrus to send to increase the usage/importance of papyrus in-game too.

Ps.Yes i know pidgeons are boring but please do at least not use bat demons or something else completly immersion breaking.