Main hud is burning screen,need options

The main hud needs options to prevent screen burn in.Fading,placement and transparency .I’ve noticed this gettin bad and don’t want to ruin my tv,so will have to stop playing.Too bad i love this game.And as others have said can be annoying somtimes.Translucency meter would probably be the best option, but doubt it’ll happen if it Hasn’t already .Im on ps4

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I agree 100%, console users need a way to hide the hud screen. We can hide everything except for this. I’m more concerned with it for screenshots, but the image burn is a real concern, epscially for people that put a lot of hours into the game.

I thought we left screen burn-in behind back in the early-2000s with the cheap TFT screens (and the older tube TVs and such). Learn something new every day I guess!

Might if they have an OLED display, I’ve heard those are susceptible to burn-in.

I haven’t had a screen saver for years, and I sometimes leave my display on for hours at a time, and the Windows logon screen has yet to become a permanent fixture on my screen. Similarly, I’ve played Conan Exiles for more hours at a time than would probably be healthy, and the HUD hasn’t burned itself onto my display either.

It does feel like this is less a problem with Conan Exiles, and more with the hardware.

Ya,i have a 5 year old plasma,ancient tech i know ,but colours are great and tv runs awesome .I think i’ve got most of it out with the scrolling mechanism,something I started to neglect to do after every session .But having it fade like eso would still be good.And oled can get burn in,not sure if they have a fix mechanism .Guess next tv will be LCD? Whats good for games now?

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