Main Protagonist Hit Points


 There's something that bother me a lot in this game.

I actually have 440 Hit points with 30 points in Vitality. (maximum is 600 hp if you go 50)
My Dalinsia Snowhunter thrall have over 15 000 hit points and does around 20 times the damage i do with the same weapon.
As an example, a Giant Spider boss have 20871 hit points and kill me in a few shot while Dalinsia could easily kill 3-4 of them at the same time without even sweating and she’s not even the strongest thrall i could get.

So my question is : Why does my character have to be so weak ? Is the hero supposed to represent a strategist or a builder ? When i create a barbarian character, i don’t want to feel like a lemming in an owl world…

Because AI is fixed, while players have way more ways to escape and counter. But the thralls do come off as a little OP once leveled. It is what it is i guess.

Its how math is rolled out really, and how its displayed to you.

A LOT of games do it like this. As NPCs often have there own stats, and gear they wear is often just for show.

Part of it is also, your a “human” player, You can pretty much out think the AI. So the need for you having 5000 or 10000 health isnt really needed.

Even if you grab a thrall, like Darfari who is in 200range + end gear… there gonna die quickly.
AI can only help them so far. Its not very Fun, to lose a follower who is in same range as you.

Then we’d be mad at AI for not rolling back from shaleback slam over and over…lol

The thing is, at pve servers at least, you are not forced to level up the strongest one you can find. I run around leveling lowbie t4’s that i before patch could not use, cause its fun. And that is what i want from a game. Dont care if im gimped out vs bosses dmg wise.

I had, … grrrrr… forget her name.

She had 4500, + heavy armor, She manage to take every Boss I took her to.
She fell to HoarForest Gaint sadly, had back up to hallway to get cold to stop cutting my healing off. (I got before lv60…so no 2bar cold) She mange to live long enough to see him fall over…

I’m surprised more of then don’t cap at 5-7k, give them healing potions they can use, instead of massive health pools

The problem is not how overpowered or not thralls and animals are. The problem is how weak your hero is.

I get that some people like to need to hit a boss 1000 times to be able to bring it down while he aoe 2 shot you. Masochists exist everywhere.
Out think the ai is overated. Once you get cornered on a wall or stun-locked by multiple ennemies or when the game bug and your hero move on the head of enemies and you can’t hit them, but they do, or when you’re stuck into your animal and need to jump to get out, your so called ‘‘skills’’ won’t change anything. Back to running naked for your corpse. Thoses maths are bad, really bad. So if i get this, your hero is a lemming because they were too lazy to create a good ai ? Wow, that just made it even worse.

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