Maintenance Mode or something else

Just curious…

is there any updates to expect in terms of anything game related?

like new content (highly unlikely)
changes to current systems (could be I guess)
implementing suggestions (highly unlikely)

… this smells like quality maintenance mode game which is BIG shame, especially now when my grandma’s PC can run it.
Looks decent, plays better than most mmos today, has vast amount of content, has fkn PVP (which is rare nowdays)…

Can anyone shed some light on current state of game and it’s future with some known facts and sources…

I’d be very grateful.

The game went into maintenance mode back in 2017 when they announced there wouldn’t be any more updates.

There’s other articles and threads on it if you google age of conan maintenance mode.

There are no plans to update this game or add any content in the future. Honestly, you can barely describe it as maintenance mode because all they do is reset the server (to presumably clear out excess cache) once a month or so. They wont even offer you assistance whether its related to payments that stall out, or you have issues in game. It started out with them saying they will only offer assistance with paying members (and screw the froobs), and they dont even really help with paying member issues.

many of us think Funcom would be happier if everyone stopped playing and went away so they could just pull the plug. It’s not that big of a stretch of the imagination to presume that, considering how quickly they log on to ban people for seemingly minor rule violations such as using naughty words in global chats, but try to get a GM to help you in game with a legitimate issue and its crickets for weeks. no joke. You could be waiting for weeks or months for a reply to any petition that isn’t a complaint about another player “harrassing you” or “using excess profanity”. Those complaints seemingly go to the front of the line.

No, “what you see is what you get and if you have any problems in game you can go f yourself” is what it should say under the server load of “medium”. the servers have all said medium load since launch, and fury is a ghosttown. Pretty sure they just pasted a gif there.

Character transfers are broken and instead of trying to fix it, they just disabled it, leaving many characters stranded wherever they are.

The game is fun for awhile, but it gets old and there is nothing new forthcoming.

Caveat emptor as they say.

So, Age of Conan has no developers - so any bugs or issues won’t be fixed.

The two GMs that are left, do offer support for deleted items if you are a premium member (within a short amount of time) and can fix some quest issues, but there’s quite a few things that can’t be fixed.

Account/billing issues can take many months to fix as it’s done via the online funcom site - I think it’s around 8-9 months for a reply at the moment.

from what I can see this is legit scam and ppl should be warned NOT to spend money here…

To think I almost did it… damn…

People were warned.

They just refuse to listen.