Maintenance Mode

What exactly does “Maintenance Mode” mean in relation to AoC…?

Maintenance mode means there are no developers working on the game anymore. No new content is being produced and no bugs are being fixed. They are essentially just keeping the lights on until at some point it is no longer feasible or worthwhile to do so.

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Sargon is correct.
AOC is no longer being actively developed at this point in time but is still available to play.
Given Funcom’s other MMO Anarcy Online is still available to play and is over 20 years old there doesn’t look to be any reason to turn the lights off for the foreseeable future.

It also means that there are no bug fixes, patches or updates: so if something breaks - it’ll stay broken until the game closes (e.g transfers, some quests)

The least they could have done was one final update to fix the outstanding issues that were provided to them 2 years ago and also to make sure the event scripts are in working order.

But no, they stick their head in the sand like they’ve done.
It’s sad when other mmos still receive expansions and updates when funcom is literally backed by unlimited money.