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I destroyed the Abyssal Remnant created new swords and reptile armour shut the game down for the night, logged on next day the base i spawned in at was half destroyed most gear gone it tells me in Journey i have to destroy the Abyssal Remnant and the swords and armour i created night before had gone so obviously nothing had been saved so i then spend all day creating new base again new items i then go kill the Abyssal Remnant again create new swords and armour again then shut the game down for the night the game locks up on shut down (waited 45mins)had to force shut down the game then restarted game logged back in to find once again nothing had been saved so 2 days work just lost. Will i be compensated for my hard graft very doubtful, so fed up with playing games like this that shouldn’t even be aloud out on the market with so many bug issues (ark being another) such a shame as the game concept is very good but i am not wasting days of game play for nothing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

After the installation of version 1.14 every time i restart the game i lose most of my progress.


Since the DLC update single player doesn’t seem to save correctly on ps4. I get one autosave usually not far out of broken road area then never save again. Deleting everything off HD and restarting doesn’t help. No fix to be found yet