Major Issue - XP Gain - Cant gain more than one level from a single source of XP

This started occurring after the major 2.3 update.

Gaining an amount of XP that would normally give you multiple levels instead only gives you a single level and 99% XP to the next level.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Set yourself to level 1
  2. Set your overall and kill XP to x10
  3. Kill a croc or something
  4. You will be level 2 with 99% XP to the next level

How could this affect you in other scenarios? I cant think of anywhere else you would level more then once by killing a mob than being level one.

Literally any server running AoC or EEWA. Bounties, boss kills, quests, XP catch-up kits through Pippi.

Wrong forum, this one is for Age of Conan, not Conan Exiles.

My mistake. If a moderator sees this, please delete it.