Major Problem in TL 3.0 - Thrall Transport

OK so I’ll try to keep this short.

  • The distance a player can relocate a placed thrall with the “Move And Guard” command-wheel feature has been radically shortened to just 10 blocks (aka: About 25m). Prior to TL3.0 it was about 10 times that distance.

  • The Follower Rescue feature has a timeout of one full hour.

In either PvP or in PvE how are we supposed to move our bases? Especially considering that so many people are finding out that the place they built in may actually constitute a ToS violation. But even violations aside, it’s been fairly common for me to just decide to move locations. It was super painful to do so and it still is.

I thought that since we could now have 2 followers maybe I could relocate 4 at a time. One with the Move And Guard feature, 2 followers, and one rescue upon arrival at the new location. But with the shortened distance it’s still about the same as before.

So I would like to request some way of relocating a large number (50 to 100) thralls without it being so painful. Just removing the Rescue timeout or shortening it to like 3 to 5 minutes would likely be enough.

What do others think?

Portal. Place one at old and one at new base, and have em follow you just for the port. MUCH faster than the old way.


I’d also argue that the new building system makes it faster to pull down AND rebuild your base, too. Getting all the building mats back instead of just half, helps, too. Not with Thralls of course, but in general.


Is it? What’s the cool down on the portal? What mats are needed?

No cooldown. Once you make two, can freely travel between them at the cost of corruption but in a move, that doesnt matter. Corrupt away. You can keep porting even if max corrupted. Only mats needed are for making it and activating which I think were changed slightly since I tested it. Nothing onerous considering its an on demand portal.


I personally moved my base using this method from the jungle to the ice lake. Took like an hour for a full base. Give or take


Cool… alright… that’s probably good then. Thanks for the info bro!

Ofc, with my luck… one hour before they release 3.0 they’ll add a 3 hour cooldown and charge three souls per transfer. :innocent:

This has always been the case. You can only rescue one every hour

Yes, that’s what I was saying.

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