Make 1vs1 minigame and leaderboard of it

Wanna sell crit potions on item shop? Then why dont you make 1vs1 content which makes people to be very competitive?

Current minigame is trash. People are not competitive in minigames anymore. People just queue and afk for grind their AA & pvp level. Definetely people wont buy crit potions for it.

But 1vs1 is different story. Its about their ego

People would buy bunch of crit potions for keeping their huge ego

Make 1vs1 & 2vs2 minigame and make the leaderboard of it instead of useless guild leaderboard.

1vs1 has been big part of aoc for 10 years of history. Why dont you use it as a moneymaker?

In addition, minigame should share the server. No need to seperate crom/fury minigame anymore

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I believe that 1v1 has never been big part of aoc.
Sieges and premades were

It was. Go to youtube and search 10yo videos. They’re all about dueling videos and few minigame. People stopped fighting each other whenever duel phase started. We had the iconic dueling place in keshatta.

Why mini for one on one? Yo have the arena and all of open world for that.

Fury is dead. And arena is not accessible from anywhere like mini. Most important thing - leaderboard of it. Just like arena of WoW.

Have you heard of the pvplevelup app that arranges organized open world pvp on fury?

The developer of the app is working on implementation of a 1v1 leaderboard. Duels will be done in between waiting for the group matches.

There already is a leaderboard for the group matches (a separate 3v3 leaderboard and a 4v4/5v5/6v6 leaderboard:


Do you happen to be a bear shaman and/or brute conq player?


Looks nice but its too sad that users have to make their own contents becsuse funcom doesnt care about the game

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Bs and conq are too powerful at duel but there is always chance for other classes as well, unlike wow imba matchups.
And in 2vs2 its different story. We will see many of combinations from here

That would actually help alot with the learning curve and the participants would gain some experience in dealing with certain classes, even prepare build varieties and combo setups to test them out.

Its still possible via the Arena or the Fury PvP app but on Crom, you have to be on a guild with veterans with all classes and plan it.
But most guilds don’t have every single class that does real competitive PvP and it would be far better being able to select some options on an application in which you can queue up and according to your percentage of your stat ratings you are automatically put into a certain Tier.
Thus even vets could choose the toughest challenge giving new life into dueling.

Creating an achievement system around it to gain access into higher Tiers would be also very good and that could be applied into minigames in general because it might help with the learning by fighting a veteran (unless you get one shotted) but a veteran will not enjoy real competition against someone who is not a challenge for him.

PvP in this game can become very active, especially for newcomers who will start doing the forementioned, combine it with PvP event and even Bori when they are relaxing to get the trophies for usefull potions and later T3 items and ‘‘Climb the achievement system & PvP competition Tiers’’

The population is low because there is a lack of such a system, as a result everyone is afraid and finds the current situation frustrating and not rewarding to ‘‘Climb a mountain of accomplishment’’ thus he will never strive to improve his combo forms, his keybind setups, his hardware setup, his AA/ Build and gear setup to fill the gaps and invest to PvP combat prowess as he does with PvE content.

Most players may roll a new character after 80 instead of mastering one though. But that’s their choice and what they enjoy.