Make a new map please

Can you please make a new map
With more green and less dessert

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Who knows… maybe the 3.0 update has a new big area. As far as having a new map, it might be 2-3 years before that ever comes out because I think there is more focus on the Dune survival game which wont even come out until 2023 in the Summer or fall or whatever.

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Isle of Siptah has a lot of green and less desert.


I was exactly ready to say the same thing, more Green than Siptah?
@Countryheart27 my expectations on new maps is 2.
1 with more khitan influence
And 1 with more desert, only desert actually with small oasis here and there but not a lot, with dungeons that provide everything, still the survival is harsh.
Dlcs eventually must have more RP reasons and landscape to fit.


A new map would be nice.
Perhaps something along the Savage Wilds line.

While handcrafting maps is quite a bit of work, it’s probably easier than procedural generation.

A thought, especially for PvP would be smaller, limited biome, limited time/rotating availability maps. This month we will have a coastal/jungle/volcano map, next season it rotates to a prairie/tundra/snowfield map after that a redwood/urban(populated or ruined)/meadow map. This would of course require server wipes, and if character transfer stays in stasis it would be difficult to place all the essentials on micro maps…
But this one would leave that for professional implementation.


I like how Generation Zero handles seasonal changes. No need for a different map for each season. No need for wipes.


I’ve looked at that game, but don’t have it. How does Generation Zero handle seasonal changes?

Pretty much the same as the actual Earth. In maybe 8 or 10 game hours the landscape transitions through winter, spring, summer, and fall and takes elevation into account as well. It’s visually stunning in GZ. If you’ve played GTAV during the Christmas holidays you might have a taste for how awesome it is to visit the same area of a game map in different seasons.


That would imply seasons (or even functional weather systems) on either of the existing maps.
This one is not certain rebuilding the maps to have dynamic climate (temperature, precipitation, terrain texture) would be easier than creating a system to procedurally generate rotating, three biome, maps.

Also, it doesn’t address the issue of all the best build spots being well known and already taken, or resource of note availability. Starmetal, Gold and Brimstone are not like berries and plant fiber that wax and wane with season (then again, it’s not like ore nodes should naturally replenish, but that rabbit hole gets very deep very fast).

Is it a good idea?

Is it a replacement for a new map?
Only on the most superficial of levels. It doesn’t alter actual terrain, it doesn’t impact import resource placement, and it doesn’t offer an opportunity to discover and snag hitherto unclaimed build points.
Those in their fortresses, sitting at a good junction of resources, will look outside and shrug. Perhaps ask for a catch snow with mouth emote. But it would shake nothing up. Pretty to look at, to be certain. But unless Summer makes all regions volcano hot and Winter makes everywhere bridge of the betrayer cold, it’s not going to impact beyound aesthetic.

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Honestly would have loved it if they added small boats and meshed Siptah into the Exiles map. Push it out so its at least 3-5 grid squares away from the bay area.

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sure, this bugged server transfer, stole my childhood and dreams of visiting siptah

Can i have some more sir

They gave you the tools to be able to create your own maps, please feel free to make one. :innocent:

This is completely accurate!

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