Make ALL Official Servers PVP on May 7th for one day only

We all know it’s coming. May 8th. Day 1. The Wipe. Making everything on the official servers futile. Even now, I’m replacing a base that was destroyed by the most recent patch and thinking to myself “Why bother?”

Then I thought “Why not have a little fun before the end.”

My thought is this.
At 12:01 AM on May 7th, enable PVP on all the PVE servers. Crank up the XP and Resource gains and let us go to town.

That big ugly base some idiot put in the Brimstone field? Kill it. That jerk that keeps putting archers on the base by the main road? Kill him and his archers and his base. That one SUPER base that lags the hell out of your system every time you go near it! Spend all day gleefully reducing it to rubble!

Why? IT DOESN’T MATTER! It’s all gone in less than 24 hours anyway. Let us laugh insanely while Rome (or Shadizar) burns! Then on May 8th, it all goes down for a patch and wipe. And when the servers come back up it’s back to business as usual. And we all start from scratch.

This at least gives us a reason to keep playing on the servers and a goal.

Let us have our chaos day!