Make all recipes available to both maps

Instead of putting character transfers back in, I would prefer making all recipes from both maps available to both maps. Obviously anything quest/bazaar/battlepass would remain as is.


This has been mentioned, but who knows if they will? Also, some of the items would be nice. I’m thinking of stuff like the coup de grace and ghoulish humors.

There’s still the problem of obtaining eldarium for the recipes needing it in the EL.


And this needs to be remedied. Stat.

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If they do this it should be only for people who own the Isle of Siptah expansion.

If it is done without that, everyone with the Isle of Siptah should be refunded.

I own Siptah and I’m against this bullshit. I didn’t buy any DLC to own some exclusive contents but to use their contents in my games, be them singleplayer or multiplayer.
Speaking about multiplayer, it’s impossible to keep DLC’s content to DLC’s owner if the owner belongs to a clan. Since items and building belongs to the clan, every member of the clan can use them.
If eldarium is introduced to the EL, it’ll be the same if you try to make available only to Siptah’s owner. Non owner would be unable to use the recipe using eldarium, but it doesn’t matter if at least one clan member can use those recipe and craft items usable by all clan members.
Only singlepalyer could be penalized by this. But they wouldn’t since they can use the Admin Panel to spawn any ressources, materials, items and recipes from the game. I already do that when I want recipes from Siptah and eldarium to craft them on the EL. :grin:

@CrazyReplicant @Wolfrider4594
Most people on this forum already stated in the past they have no issues with recipes from siptah on EL (some are already on EL and no one has complained).We all paid for a new map and building sets, not the individual recipes. Many have said they’re ok with it, so long as the map and build sets remain exclusive. I’m in agreement as well.

It could be switched to star metal… or make it an alchemy thing… we have to mix star metal with some exotic ingredients to make it eldarium. or 1+ skull bosses drop pieces of it. Getting eldarium to the exiles map can’t be that difficult, I wouldn’t think.

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