Make armor stat bonus kits rather than armor piece bonuses

Having stat bonuses on gear is a pretty good way to supplement builds so you can save some points for other stats and still get the perks you want, but having a certain stat tied to a specific armor cripples the system a bit IMO because of the way the temperature system also ties in to armor.

I was running a shemite archer set which gives +5 accuracy along with the Bow of the Khan which also gives +5 accuracy so I only have to spend 40 points into Accuracy and using both the set and bow I can get 50 for the head shot bonus. But the problem is if I want to run this set any further in the north I have to swap from my light armor Shemite to the heavy Hyrkanian armor to survive in the cold and have the same benefit. Not only does this stink because the heavy armor takes up 80%+ of my weight on its own (60% with armor reduction mods, still very heavy) it also makes me carry less arrows and my dodge isn’t the same. Basically the whole build is ruined because of the change from light to heavy.

My suggestion would be to just add kits that give a +1 stat bonus to the piece you apply it to so you can run any set and still have the stats for your build (example I could have +5 accuracy on a Zamorian light set for the north area). We already have the kit system in the game so building more onto it would be cool.

Flawless and Exceptional armor pieces give more stat bonus I believe, so to offset that if you have a high level armorsmith thrall then you can make flawless kits or something for a +2 stat bonus.


Was thinking something of this. Solid idea.

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I really like the idea of something along these lines as well. However, I’ll add that I do really like the idea of different armors themselves adding/changing something other than armor class, weight, combat maneuvering and body temperature.

Wait. Stop. Hold the presses. No I don’t. I take that back. Having just those on armor is actually pretty realistic and compliments the idea of making armor upgrading (including potential attribute upgrades) more meaningful. Temperature could also be removed from armor and become a kit such as fur lining to warm and silk or fiber “vents” to cool.

Perhaps in the future, along with the great idea from Aramis, also add the possibility of upgrading armor with more than one kit. If the Aramis Armor Objective becomes a reality, we’d have another difficult (subjective) decision when upgrading: reduction, durability, armor class, ATTRIBUTES, etc. I cannot see many choosing other than +attribute kits in that case. Perhaps an additional “slot” just for your attribute kit.

And taking it a bit further, maybe another aspect could be considered. Standard armor would allow a single T1 upgrade kit and a +1 attribute kit. Exceptional armor would allow two upgrade kits (i.e., weight reduction and flexibility) and a +2 attribute kit. Flawless armor would allow three upgrade kits and a +3 attribute kit.

If three armor upgrades and +3 attributes seem too overpowered in general or in relation to the “Survival Classification”, remove from standard armor the ability to upgrade (as long as all necessary armors have exceptional and flawless versions) and use +1 with exceptional and +2 with flawless.

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I like this idea. I also like the idea of adding hot and cold armor kits to armor. I like the slaver gear on my character but I can’t wear it in the hot climates. Just throwing that idea out there since this was brought up. Could use fur and black ice to make things cold resistant (no idea for the combo to make things heat resistant. Maybe reptile hide and silk?)

I think all light armors should be good versus heat, mediums not affect temperature and heavy armors being against cold.
Wait… Is anyone actually not running at least 20 vitality to not bother with this anyway?

Tbh the whole attribute bonuses on armors seemed great only for the first 2-3 days. Since I got my favorite builds it is kind of tying me up to the specific armor sets that I might not necessary be fond of.

There is also way too many sources of attribute gain: +9(or even total of +15 from SL) from flawless armor, then +3 from warpaint (that one is fair actually), and +3 to pretty much everything from potions. Getting the right T4 armorer is next to impossible (and literally impossible for some sets) and +9 attribute is way too good to not go for it.
Also some weapons begin to have attribute bonuses now too.

I think this is not the way to go. Armor and weapons should remain without bonuses to attributes. There should be an alternative:

  • built altars
  • map altars to be discovered
  • jewelery
  • spells
  • prayers
  • armor kits (applyable to a single armor piece: head or torso f.e.)
  • quests

Is it possible to make armors, weapons etc. get bonuses like hit points, stamina, armor, damage boost without modifying attributes? And then leave attribute modifications to warpaints and elixirs solely?

There are a few legendary weapons I found that give straight bonuses to stats but not attributes. One was an axe that gives 50 more health and the other was a spear that gave 50 stamina so that is there.

I still do like the idea of armor giving a stat bonus and I can see why they chose the way they did it now, because you can get a read on someone’s build by what armor they wear, or at least that’s the idea, but in my case I will wear freebooters armor in North since I can’t wear shemite but I’m not running a vitality build.