Make be stackable of Nightvision potion



For now just stackable by one.
It’s wasteful of boxes due to levelling up Jhebbal Sag temple.


The so-called “night vision” potions themselves are a waste; there’s no need for them to stack, because there’s no need to keep them. They’re zeal fodder, nothing else. Throw them on the ground.


I know useless but it take many occupy inventory spaces of temple during zeal foddering.
If Night-Eye Potions are able to stack, it will reduce event log spam less due to throw away too.


Whaaaat? I love those potions dude, i am using them all the time! They are much better than using damn torches.

Edit: and yes, make them stackable, so that i dont need to have two chests just for them :slight_smile:


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