Make Bosses Great Again!

Yes, tenthousand times yes… thralls are way too strong. Bosses are way too weak.

Do keep in mind that a crapload of players like to play the game in this cheesy way instead of overcoming actual obstacles and challenges though, so we might need convenience-servers and actual-survival-servers… :rofl:

Don’t believe me? It is easy to find a sever with convenience-focused settings, but then try to find a hardcore-survival-server for people who like actual challenges. Good luck.

Make Conan Exiles Survival again…


I don’t know if it is possible, but perhaps a better solution would be to have some sort of special drop/reward if you don’t use a thrall in a the fight.

Maybe a character bound currency, “the approval of Crom,” that gets you access to summoning an even MORE difficult fight, or a special trophy. Have a nifty cosmetic reward for simple bragging rights.


For some bizarre reason I read the thread title and thought “So will the Bosses start paying me to build stuff?”


LOL! This DID make me laugh! Thank you for that!!! :rofl:

the problem is that there is a crapton of players enjoying how easy it is, and FC got used to how easy it also is to create new content like this.

Make boss with 90khp > add 500 damage >attack timings? who cares. Telegraphed moves, what?

done, new PVE content.

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The idea should be that there are bosses for every tier. For instance, in the beginning areas along Noob River, the bosses should be a cake-walk for lvl 60 players with good gear. As a noob, you should need to reach maybe level 20 before attempting, and require the aid of a decent fighter thrall. Maybe something at least T2, or maybe T3.

The game would be more fun and interesting if each boss presented unique challenges. Like maybe some would require you to bring along an Archer Thrall, a very good archer thrall, with a great bow, with a master weapon fitting, and specific arrows. This would actually give us a reason to level archers and make special arrows for them.

Would also be great if giving the thrall certain potions in their inventory, were required for certain bosses. Like something that buffs them against certain attacks by bosses. If they don’t have those things, you better have friends along.

But, I would also like to see bosses buffed against your friends. In other words, it counts the people in the immediate vicinity, and adjusts it’s health points accordingly. This would make a boss equally challenging for a solo, as for a clan of 10. If it also counted thralls, that would be a bonus, such that it is equally challenging as a solo with, or without a thrall.

But I don’t see how anyone can think it is anything but boring to simply get your thrall to aggro to a boss, then sit back and wait for him to kill it. I mean, I use healing arrows, but that isn’t even required…at all.

And, there is a decayed base right beside a Rotbranch. I go to this area to get a lot of stone and metal. So I also kite Rotbranch to the thralls that are still standing around. This guy put legendary equipment on thralls, and some of them literally kill Rotbranch, solo, in seconds. They have a mix of high grade and legendary armor, and great weapons…some of them Sword of Crom. But this is not even the dumbest part…that they can so easily kill a boss, solo. No…it gets worse.

He also has T3 fighters in coarse cloth, and a high grade weapon, like star metal swords/maces, and obsidian spears. Even they kill Rotbranch…SOLO! Most of them can be killed if you kite Rotbranch right back to them, as soon as he respawns. Their health isn’t regenerated to full health, so he kills them the second time. But this simply highlights how weak the bosses are, and how OP the thralls are.

I’m not trying to be rude here. I’m just pointing out how wrong this is. It makes the game too easy. Way too easy. Gamers like to be challenged. They don’t like to be frustrated. I understand that finding that sweet spot (challenging but not frustrating) isn’t always easy, but this system isn’t even trying to be challenging. I honestly think that I could put a T1 fighter in heavy armor, and give them a good weapon, and they will still kill most, if not all bosses.


Sad but true.

Challenge accepted!


That is one of the reasons I left WoW. The auto scaling to the players level made it no fun. Sure it is a challenge, but it just didn’t fit.

I rather see something like prestige levels (some dead threads explain it). Right now, thralls getting perks is kinda-sort-of one way to do it.

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OK Zeb, my GeForce Shadowplay was closing right after I opened it. I just updated GeForce Experience, so hopefully that fixed it.

I did take a T1 Fighter to the Frost Temple, and it killed the boss there, as well as several other Frost Giants. It did so with ease. And, when I took it there, it literally had zero experience, and no levels. I gave it Cimmerian Steel, so the bonus was Vitality, not Strength, and I gave it a Star Metal Greatsword.

I would use the bow with ivory arrows to get them to aggro to each other, or my daggers if the Giant was up close, then back off and let them fight. I would occasionally hit it with an arrow so I could see the health bar. Other than that, the thrall did all the fighting. I did not go down the two side sections of the Temple. Just straight to the Boss, so I could get the Thrall there at as low level as possible. Based on what I saw, I am convinced I can kill any Boss with this Thrall. It got 5 or 6 levels total out of that run, and I have now put it in Pictish Warlord, which gives 10 strength. I never even had to use Healing arrows. I mean I did, just to do it, but the health loss was so slight that I really didn’t need to use the health arrows. Even against the Boss.

If Shadowplay works after this update, I will record it going against Rotbranch, since Rotbranch has the most health of the World Bosses.


Rusty, could you use that same thrall setup against the crocodile or tiger world boss? I noticed the lower thralls are sorta crap against things with bleed or poison. Also maybe one of the bosses that have more health? I think frosty boy has one of the lower boss healths. That being said you are right the thralls are pretty beefy. Maybe they should give a debuff to thralls in dungeons that lowers their damage. That way they can still tank for solo players but you cant just sit there and let the thrall do all the work?

This is disingenuous at best. You’re saying you think you should be able to do end-game content without having end-game equipment or preparation?

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To be honest, the thrall update made them OP by x3 x4… they need to go back down a massive chunk so Bosses have a chance of murdering them again.

I know alot of player want player buffs… I’d rather thralls get knocks back to 3-5k health pools.

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No. What I’m saying is that there should be “bosses” for more than just geared-up level 60’s with the best thralls. You know, so maybe a player at level 4 could feel the thrill of a tough boss fight without getting pulverized in one shot. There are giant crocodiles and very big spiders in low-level regions that are already pretty deadly to lower-level players (and thralls), so turning them into proper challenges for a level 60 character might do newer players a disservice.


You literally gave the thrall end game items only acquirable pre endgame by taking on the lost tribe which is no easy task. I run tank and before I get end game gear I die in two hits from anyone with a greatsword. As well as you chose a boss whose only danger is the coldsnap effect, he doesn’t hit hard, he is a player killer not a thrall killer.

Those bosses really just need to be relocated as they are meant for lvl 60 players only and buffing them a bit more would actually make sense. They are the guardians of the legendary chests that you have to be lvl 60 to open, making them easier for low levels would ruin balance. You are meant to run away from these guys which is likely why they aren’t fast and lose aggro quickly.

Just stop, your thralls are OP.

less than 20 healing arrows, no armor, tier 1 thrall knocked in a few hits, simply levelled. Didn’t even use food, when using console commands it only applies to the first level up.

and seriously, do you still think that thralls are not too strong? how narrow minded can you be?


So it would have died. They are garbage without a someone providing help.

And are you picking the lowest health bosses on purpose? Try against a scorpion or white tiger…
A scorpion can even kill lvl20 fighers, if they are stupid and/or refuse to make combos.

I am not saying, that they are not OP. But picking the lowest and crapiest bosses does not proof anything at all :smiley:

Dont do it then? But then again, hitting the same boss for 30mins is boring for me. And so I dont do it anymore… It can be that easy…

Nope. Try fighting a worldboss alone. Stop the time and health-items you need for it. And then tell me again, if it is fun…

Ah, yeah… Because most solo tactics on killing bosses, werent cheesy methods. Like getting them stuck and shooting >200 arrows… So much skill. So hard… So much tactic…

Try figthing the endboss of Jebbal sags dungeon alone. You have exactly 1 chance for attacking. Otherwise just block-block-block…

And no, I am not against weaker thralls. But then boss fights have to be changed too.
Or give players PvE/boss killing weapons, which only works on single target PvE enemies and make ludicrous amount of dmg.


This is just hilarious, i don’t even think that any comments are needed.

Scorpions are generic world bosses, drop a key to a generic random legendary. Kinscourge is…Kinscourge. Bearer of one of the endgame items used to ‘‘leave’’ the island. If you have a problem with scorpion being too strong and kinscourge too weak, that’s another issue and you can talk with funcom and their consistency.

always the same lazy solution, and no one wants to hit a boss for 30 mins. That’s another topic of the whole ‘‘thralls and bosses’’ discussion, bosses being designed for fighting thralls, not players.

Exactly! the only suitable way of killing such boss is with a braindead thrall! And thats what we (at least i am) are talking about!

Lastly one small suggestion: Use pippi NPC spawner to spawn one kinscourge boss, with 10k hp and 4x the damage. His size needs to be 0.7, instead of the default 1.0.

The fight becomes amazing, soloable material. You can dodge his swings with this reduced size and hitbox, and even fightback. He deals enough damage for you to care about being hit, but not enough to kill you (with heavy armor). Try it, i strongly recommend it. That’s what bosses should be like.


In fact, there’s a crapload of people on this forum that want to play this way, and they fight tooth and nail to keep it this way.