Make Bosses Great Again!

You literally gave the thrall end game items only acquirable pre endgame by taking on the lost tribe which is no easy task. I run tank and before I get end game gear I die in two hits from anyone with a greatsword. As well as you chose a boss whose only danger is the coldsnap effect, he doesn’t hit hard, he is a player killer not a thrall killer.

Those bosses really just need to be relocated as they are meant for lvl 60 players only and buffing them a bit more would actually make sense. They are the guardians of the legendary chests that you have to be lvl 60 to open, making them easier for low levels would ruin balance. You are meant to run away from these guys which is likely why they aren’t fast and lose aggro quickly.

Just stop, your thralls are OP.

less than 20 healing arrows, no armor, tier 1 thrall knocked in a few hits, simply levelled. Didn’t even use food, when using console commands it only applies to the first level up.

and seriously, do you still think that thralls are not too strong? how narrow minded can you be?


So it would have died. They are garbage without a someone providing help.

And are you picking the lowest health bosses on purpose? Try against a scorpion or white tiger…
A scorpion can even kill lvl20 fighers, if they are stupid and/or refuse to make combos.

I am not saying, that they are not OP. But picking the lowest and crapiest bosses does not proof anything at all :smiley:

Dont do it then? But then again, hitting the same boss for 30mins is boring for me. And so I dont do it anymore… It can be that easy…

Nope. Try fighting a worldboss alone. Stop the time and health-items you need for it. And then tell me again, if it is fun…

Ah, yeah… Because most solo tactics on killing bosses, werent cheesy methods. Like getting them stuck and shooting >200 arrows… So much skill. So hard… So much tactic…

Try figthing the endboss of Jebbal sags dungeon alone. You have exactly 1 chance for attacking. Otherwise just block-block-block…

And no, I am not against weaker thralls. But then boss fights have to be changed too.
Or give players PvE/boss killing weapons, which only works on single target PvE enemies and make ludicrous amount of dmg.


This is just hilarious, i don’t even think that any comments are needed.

Scorpions are generic world bosses, drop a key to a generic random legendary. Kinscourge is…Kinscourge. Bearer of one of the endgame items used to ‘‘leave’’ the island. If you have a problem with scorpion being too strong and kinscourge too weak, that’s another issue and you can talk with funcom and their consistency.

always the same lazy solution, and no one wants to hit a boss for 30 mins. That’s another topic of the whole ‘‘thralls and bosses’’ discussion, bosses being designed for fighting thralls, not players.

Exactly! the only suitable way of killing such boss is with a braindead thrall! And thats what we (at least i am) are talking about!

Lastly one small suggestion: Use pippi NPC spawner to spawn one kinscourge boss, with 10k hp and 4x the damage. His size needs to be 0.7, instead of the default 1.0.

The fight becomes amazing, soloable material. You can dodge his swings with this reduced size and hitbox, and even fightback. He deals enough damage for you to care about being hit, but not enough to kill you (with heavy armor). Try it, i strongly recommend it. That’s what bosses should be like.


In fact, there’s a crapload of people on this forum that want to play this way, and they fight tooth and nail to keep it this way.

Instead of buffing the bosses and make them impossible for us to fight them without a thrall, just nerf thralls a bit so they can do it on their own if needed but a lot harder and slower of a time. We shouldn’t balance this game around thralls but around the players.

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All dungeon bosses before warmaker dungeon, are easy - compared to any world boss.

Or bosses are designed, to be fight in a group, where always one aggro the boss and the other stab from behind.
Works great in groups, not so well if you play alone -> therefore you use a thrall.

How long is such a fight?
Because, I also did or tried every boss in the game without a thrall, but being solo its just not worth it. I dont have unlimited time to play the game.

So you kinda have to distinguish the bosses in the game.

Bosses for the endgame items -> most only clear 1 time (big exception is Kinscourge because of his heart and craftable items). This can be strong, like the endboss of Jebbal dungeon.

World-bosses and all other bosses which can drop random loot/items -> you (or at least I) clear them way often (farming), because otherwise you will never get a desired item. I got my first LBS after I had ~700 FoP.

So either change the whole “legendary aspect” or how to obtain legendaries, otherwise its a massive nerf to farming legendary items, if bosses need double or more time to be killed.

Or bosses drop sth like “legendary shards” and you can craft ANY legendary on your own.

So again, I am not against weaker thralls. But Funcom has to compensate that somehow for SOLO players.

Well someone aggroing with a shield is the same as a braindead thrall with 15k hp tanking, isn’t it?

Aggro in this game is broken, therefore renders group fights unfun unless the bosses are somewhat prepared for group fights. Thag is a good example, sadly it does have too little hp do be interesting.

Doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. You want longer? add 5k hp.

I do agree that soloing bosses right now is a tedious task that clearly feels wrong, like if you are not intented to be doing it this way. hence my argument about boss size, which is too big for some of them.

the problem is that making bosses ‘‘fair’’ would make thralls even stronger against them, so FC would also have to nerf thralls, along with making players stronger.

World bosses are on a good spot imo, but the disparity between some of them is absurd. Can you say that the rhino king and thunderfoot are on the same tier as the giant snake or scorpion? Well, i’m pretty sure that they share the exact same loot table.


You mean like those named fighters along the river that drop flawless armor?

I agree with your sentiment, but sounds more of a ‘geographical level progression’ conundrum with inappropriate bosses in what is arguably meant to be low-level player areas.

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Reward vs risk/time is WAY off in this game, and it’s been getting worse IMO. :frowning:

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In my post, I stated that I thought I could defeat all or most bosses with a T1 fighter that I gave GOOD ARMOR AND WEAPONS TO. What didn’t you understand about that?

As to the rest of it, this thrall has zero levels when we went to the Frost Temple, and it had good but not necessarily end game gear. A Star Metal Sword, and Cimmerian Steel for a total of 5 Vitality points. This IS “good” gear, as I stated. Flawless Epic would have given double that in Vitality. The armor I just put on it, adds 10 points to Strength. I may also give it a Legendary Sword, Like. Sword of the Wanderer, or whatever that sword is called. I have 4 of them. THAT…is end game gear.

But you highlight a problem. You note the The Lost Tribe is end-game, but the Dungeon just past their territory is not? It’s an easy dungeon? Is this right? Is this the way it should be?

I will take this thrall to fight Rotbranch tonight. He may not be the toughest World Boss, but he’s not far off. He has a lot of health.

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I think that the problem is OP thralls. Thralls are the heroes, players the side kicks.
Thralls should be nerfed against PvE critters, like bosses. I like having a thrall to aid me, but just aid me, not doing all the work for me.

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That dungeon is a massive threat due to the coldsnap effect, the enemies don’t do much damage but devastate your hp through giving you frostbite. This dungeon wasn’t built with thralls in mind so all you did is display an issue with that specific dungeon, not display an issue with thralls.

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Call for a nerf of healing arrows, those look to be the real issue here, that’s all you’re showcasing right now, display this issue without healing arrows to prove your point because all you did was show that the arrows are the truly OP concept. I think the healing arrows should be removed and the thralls need an HP reduction as well because at endgame the bosses become a bit too easy. However the biggest issue isn’t the thralls it how quickly they can be healed, maybe make it like you when using healing items, getting hit cancels out the healing for a few seconds, this would drastically reduce the effects of the arrows when in combat.

Pointed out a problem with the Dungeon? Uh…yeah… I said that. Where’s an eye roll emoji when you need one.

Let me point out once again, the statement I made was that I believed I could defeat most of not all bosses with a T1 Fighter, with good armor and weapon.

1 Boss down.

Well since that issue exists for every dungeon, what does that say?

Healing arrows are not the problem.

I never bother making them anymore since gruel became a thing. I go thru boss fights nonstop one after the other as fast as I can run to them and never have to heal.

He’s intentionally using one of the weakest thealls he could get and it barely needed to be healed at lvl 0. What does that say about getting even a mediocre thrall that has some levels? I’ll tell you what it says…it says healing arrows are not even close to required. They are not the problem. Godly thralls are the problem.

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With the very words of Conan: “civilized men are soft”…

To me it goes against everything the survival genre and even the character the game is named after stand for.


Well, it takes quite a while… unless you really prepare with poisons and explosives and potions… feels amazing once you win though. You wont be faming them as if it was a lootershooter aswell. Means less named weapons but you actually value the ones you get.