Make Bosses Great Again!

Thralls made this game kinda boring tbh, unless all you want to do is to sit in a couch in your base and watch them do eveything for you.
Bosses are easy, they follow simple mechanics and they repeat them over and over, you can challenge yourself to try to beat them without thralls but it takes ages, because the’re (supposed) made to be fight in group, and thralls just trash’em in no time.
i remember my first days trying to figure out how to defeat a giant crocodile, i was around lvl 40 and i made a boss trap near the entrance of my base, so i kited the croc, and my archer thralls did the job, even back then it was easy, the nice part of this i that i had to spend time and resources to make this trap and place some archers and fighters (that died btw), it was awesome, later on i improved the trap, making it easier to kill the croc…
now i just take any thrall from any lvl, i put them any regular heavy armor and a weapon, and that’s it, croc dies in no time, such a fun time…

Rotbranch down. Based on what I saw, I would not want to take this thrall against the Arena Champion, but come on, she’s only halfway to her first perk.

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BTW, I think what some are missing here, including Zantalar, is that no matter what I do, not matter what I put on this thrall, no matter if it has gruel and I use Healing Arrows, a T1 Fighter, even fully leveled with good perks awarded…it should not kill bosses. What we are saying is that we should have to do much of that just to keep our T3 and T4 Thralls alive. I should have to be healing him, stepping in to help him fight, and even retreating if necessary, to heal him up, before getting back into the fight. A T1 should just be good enough to help you get a T2 fighter, and kill the hordes of mooks in the wilds, and cities.

If I let a single T4 fighter fight a boss, and do nothing to help it, this should result in death of the thrall, at least 50% of the time, if not 100%.

I think I don’t get your position as the tactic you complain about is one I simply don’t employ, it isn’t something that even crossed my mind. I’ve parked at an unreachable location and snake arrowed world bosses before and had an armored thrall with a sandstorm mask take aggro while I snake arrowed and poison arrowed a boss to death. However those tactics were too boring and I stopped doing it and haven’t since the thrall update. I also don’t see the same results as you guys as I’ve lost many thralls to world bosses even when I was capable of soloing the boss, they got the aggro and didn’t last and I don’t get anything weaker than T3. But then again I often use dancers so that’s certainly my issue.

So I’ll give it to you there are some good points and the four main issues you guys seem to have is thrall HP which I can get behind, thrall dps which I haven’t seen as OP, Bosses being weak which I can agree with, and healing arrows which some of you defend even though it’s more overpowering than thrall HP as with good armor HP is a moot point when using healing arrows.

However I run solo and some bosses are way too hard or too time consuming, as a few players stated if you nerf the thralls then some of the more ridiculous bosses need to be nerfed to match. A good portion if not all the bosses have to be challenged by multiple players, if nothing else but to be able to heal. Too many bosses give you no breathing room and since healing is canceled when taking damage quite a few bosses require dirty tactics or luck to beat. Take the arena champion for example, her damage is extreme so you have to nullify her ability to attack except there is a feature or glitch that causes certain power attacks to be uninterruptible and if you are unlucky enough you die and loose everything with no chance of recovery if solo. There’s the wolf man boss that hit’s so fast that there is no dodging and hist so much that your HP drops so much that you need almost a minute to heal after every volley you perform. Then there’s the frost giant boss who will kill you in a single hit if you don’t have lvl 60 gear minimum thanks to the guaranteed frostbite if you don’t have 10 cold resist.

There are bosses you can only take with multiple people and nerfing only the thralls would ruin solo play, thralls are meant to cover our builds weakpoints, my build’s a balance of damage and HP so the fights take too long and too many bosses do too much damage forcing me to heal often which without lvl 50 HP can take a very long time without Aloe soup. I think the real needed balance is between player and boss, then we can reduce the stats of the thralls to match.

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Exactly. I Don’t understing what kind of game allows you to do NOTHING and clear endgame content. Even worse when you consider that a berserker or dalinsia or whatever volcano t4 comes so easily.


That’s the thing, bosses were made that way counting that you have these behemoths that are thralls aiding you.

The Gap is too big.

You are like a wet noodle fighting some bosses - be it because of their literally unfair attack pattern, be it because of numbers (damage and hp), or whatever.

This game messed up in so many areas in regards of pve that only a major overhaul would do it, and yet, there are so many people deeply in love with the art of doing nothing and killing bosses that if FC started enforcing more player imputs to kill content, they would be outraged

I do understand your point, you can play in an alternate way and have loads of fun, but that’s does not matter here. The solution to a problem is never ‘‘stop using it’’ or ‘‘do it in a different way then’’. And even by fighting solo right now, you clearly are not intended to be doing it.

If the core loop of the game is **** , the core loop needs to be fixed.

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Did it, didn’t record it, it made the giant crocs cry. Spiders whimpered. The Red Mother was a challenge.

Lester the King Scorpion had a thrall for lunch.

I liked that thrall.

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The only bosses that do any damage are ones that can stack poison. Outside of that, most will only take 2500-3000 HP off a thrall. So if you can heal it and keep it above 1000, then it will eventually kill the boss. TBH, bosses (3 skuill especially) should not take less than 15 minutes to beat with the best thrall and you contributing, maybe slighltly less with a group of 3, and 4 or more, well the loot is only so shareable. I

know it seems long, but bosses should not be part of the normal harvest loop, but more of a run at getting legendary equipment, and willingness to contribute time to it.

At least against some world bosses, it is like that… Also against some dungeon bosses.

Providing gruel = healing item. Shooting healing arrows = well, healing.

The problem isn’t just that a T1 fighter can defeat many bosses. There are many problems, and they involve balance, and challenge. Gamers want to be challenged, but not frustrated. The problem is the skill of players is a wide spectrum. Some suck, some are amazing, and everything in between. So, find the balance is not an easy thing to do, and most games don’t find it, but Conan is failing spectacularly.

There are so many things that can be done to make the game amazing. Why can you do the sunken city without breathing aids? Just having better breathing through attributes, should not be enough. There are breathing potions, but you don’t actually need them. Why not? Why aren’t there dungeons that you need night eye potions for? Wouldn’t it be great if there were places so hot and so cold that you need the best armor, those shields, and a potion to add extra resistance?

Why are the religious items so pointless?

Why isn’t the cold armor you have to create in the Frost Temple Forge, better? It should be the go-to armor when you go north, but I just use it to decorate a couple of thralls.

I think the problem is something Firespark81 pointed out in some of his videos. Some things that are easy to get, are the best, but other similar things that are hard to get, aren’t as good.

I don’t know what the answer is.


I use it for medium builds. But only the gauntlets…+2 Vit is better than DLC Aqualonians +1. Mac out the armor stats is what i say.

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Honestly I can’t agree more, I was so excited to get that frost temple armor only to find it was worthless, I was hoping it was going to be the medium armor version of the godbreaker armor and was quite disappointed. Also some legendary locations would be awesome, like you said places where you’d need godbreaker armor just to not die from the temperature, I’d say no to the shield as it would prevent two handed weapon users from enjoying it to the fullest.

It would be a great idea to reduce the boss and thrall stats to where you have to be involved in the battles, maybe even give the bosses bonus damage to thralls or something. And increase his resistance to damage from thralls based on how many thralls are present, small amounts to where having more will be better but not so little that parties will have too easy of a time killing the bosses.

Soloing stuff like Rotbranch or Landslide is a complete PITA. Even with a thrall on my side those things have stunlocked and killed me on the pull.

But in terms of victory: here’s another one. Level 8 Ansina Hidden-Daggers won the dancing contest against Red Mother in her underpants.


How much food did you put into her inventory? :smiley:

And damn, I am still missing Ansina Hidden-Daggers…

Wine cellar is quite dark and when 2h swords were still great, many used it in this dungeon. Then 2h moveset got nuked.
PvP players dont run around with light-sources at night… Guess why :wink:

Oh, some were even the best in game. Like The Staff of Epemitreus. Then the cry-army arrived :wink:

But here is the problem itself. Its the 1% droprate and RNG… So what is hard to get for person A, can be easy to get for person B.
UC weapons (lifeblood spear) are a perfect example.

Are you talking about the 2handed sword that didn’t have the downwards slash or the one that did have the downward slash but before its damage got nerfed? Reason I ask is because wine cellar wasn’t around before the rework to the 2handed sword and spear light attack.

As I never used 2h weapons myself, thats a really good question.
But it was the only dark dungeon I could think of and with 2h weapons, you cannot hold a torch.

And maybe some people are using the night-eye things, when bringing thralls back to base in the night (to see sth).

I also do that on some occasions… But sometimes the game is just to dark… But shouldnt be a problem this days, as you cannot die from falling off… Its so broken :smiley:

I will die pretty often, if this is a bug and will be fixed… I always jump down from high mountains :smiley: :smiley:


I would love to see that bosses have certain amount of strategy behind them other than being a huge pinata. Some mechanics in order to hunt those beast, for example to set some traps because they are faster than you and you need to immobilize them before engaging, to use certain type of weapons against certain type of enemies (like silver for vampires/werewolfs)

A reasonable amount of damage from their part and the ability to dodge their attacks combined with more interesting combat mechanics and attack patterns would be most welcome too.

Also, lower the damage from thralls, its no fun to watch’em do everything soo easily.