Make DLC DERKETO PACK Men's Gold Trunks for Men

I really enjoyed this last DLC, although I still think DLCs should implement new mechanics in the game, but let’s get to it.

The last DLC gold swim trunks should have a “male” version I bought the DLC most because I wanted it for my dancing slaves, but it looks awful, it looks like men are wearing women’s pants.

There should be a male version for this piece, just as all armors have a male and female version, it is certainly not my intention to have a lot of men in the bottom of my pants, nor to wear a pants in my male NPC.

Do something “cool” that is beautiful and sexy in a man, after all the game is very focused on it, and not that it is a “shame” for those who use or put in their slaves.

When I bought DLC the expectation was that the swimwear would make me look like “Sparta’s Leonidas 300” and not look like a transvestite lol.

I know I complained a lot, but from the other DLC armor I really enjoyed it, you shine in this designer, just missed your hand in the men’s swim trunks, big hug!



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