Make faction bases different but equally challanging

I know what I am suggesting in this post requires careful consideration but I think it would enhance the experience a lot and making the world more alive and diverse.

The outskirt faction camps I feel are good as they are right now. But the faction bases…

As the bases are behaving now they are more or less the same. At least I feel that. They act the same. Diffent skins but same behavior. The actual game experience is that it takes a little longer time to raid due to different stats and equipment for the faction.

Dogs of the desert, Darfari cannibals and the Black hand have too easy faction bases in my opinion. I am currently soloing those bases at lvl 45 with light armour, the basic one. It is very predictable and does not require much skill imop.

Yes, yes, it is by design but with the size of the map and how the game has evolved it is time the faction bases are more equal. They do not need to have the exact same challange level but much more equal than now and preferably harder as well. Not by adding a ton of hp and damage to the npc but harder in behavior. Makes it more interesting.


One thing that would help is an alert system. During the Early access NPC could alert other NPC from far away. This has been changed in the live version. For the bases I think that alert range should be reinserted and each faction have a defence style fitting for that faction.

For example, the Darfari Cannibals may swarm the attackers in order to give the priest time to summon a demon. Their only goal is to slow down the players (leg shot) and then retreat to a better location in order to shoot the players from above while the players are fighting the summoned demon. Or that the priest summons a magical darkness that does not affect the Darfari. So, even if the Darfari stats per se has not changed now the actual base would be much harder and the players need to coordinate their attack. Also, which priest that is the actual summoning priest may be random.

NPC in Black Ship could sound the alarm. The ship bell. If that alarm is activated they drop what they are doing and run to their battle station. The Black Ship is very coordinated if the alarm goes off. You need to sneak in and disable the alarm or rush in quickly - because the guard is not going to stop you, the guard is going to ring the bell. If not succeded everyone on the ship is alerted. The bridges will be swarmed and a rain of arrows will fall over the players on the bridge. Or that they can trigger traps near the bridges. Ka-boom. Making the player struggle for each meter. Bring a shield.

Hyenas in the Den, for example, should try to call in other hyenas. For each new hyena that enters the fight the call they make the howl travel further, attracting more hyenas that will enter the fight and making the howl travel even further…etc. A pack of Hyenas will try to surround the enemy, single out one target and attacking from all sides using stamina drain attacks combined with strong attacks. One enemy at the time. Dont be the weak party member.

The Heir of the North have berserkers. Make them go berskerk, ignoring staggering, bleed or other effects while berserking and give them with quick, that is also strong, attacks. They. Just. Keep. Going. Forward.

Have the frost giants throw snow, stagger the player, slowing the player. Slowed by snow the giant’s axe has a chance of hitting its mark. Yes. It is a snow boll. A big frikking snow ball.

There are plenty of outskirt camps for Black hand and Darfari so worker thralls can be collected anyway. In the north or Sepermura there is not that hard to get thralls anyway at lvl 40.

Making the faction base behave according to the lore and make them more equal in challange level I believe would enhance the game a lot.

Not sure how long you have been playing Conan but they have already overhauled the “capital” bases of the factions several times since the game came out. The darfari and dogs are also relatively weak factions so by higher levels they shouldn’t be much of a threat. Now I’m all for the AI being smarter or harder to fight but that involves working on the AI. They already have tinkered with the bases, not sure what else they could do other than change AI behavior.

Been playing since Early access. I know about the changes and that is a step in the right direction but imop the faction bases should equally or near equally hard. A more challanging AI would ofcourse be the best but there are other ways currently available. Like I wrote the ‘alert’ radius during early access was much larger than current implementation. Making large bases tough since enemies came swarming. So a way to toughen up early bases could include:

  • Increase the alert radius for Dogs of the desert and Black ship
  • Add a servant of Yog to the Summoning place
    This would increase the challange level. Neither cases requires tampering with the AI.

Making the areas increase in challange as you travelled north made sense during Early Access, new map areas and all, but now I think the need for that during EA has passed. As now you have to go north to get a challenge. Yes, there are some dungeons to visit - but - The faction bases are highlighted in the map. Sort signaling that they are hot spots. Areas of special interest. By not using that makes me feel cheated in a way. Plus, it also makes it a bit boring. The game almost forces the player north. Not because of resources but for getting any thrill at all.

Well, I think it would be better to have all bases interesting hot spots. Also, I would like the bases to be lvl 50+. The outskirt camps same as now. There are smaller camps for all factions so thralls can be captured easily. All factions but Relic hunters, they more or less only have Sepermura, making that a harder nut to crack. But maybe we could have some of the merchants in Sepermura sell thralls lvl 1-3 to the player? That would solve that problem.

Going into a fight in a base should be tougher. Soloing the bases are in my opinion still too easy right now since I am doing that with just basic gear without breaking a sweat. Harder, but not more hp and armour on the NPC, that makes it just … it is like grinding. I just takes time and is not super thrilling. Unless there is a tentacle horror in the summoning place. That can have hp.

I have longed to see Sinners Refuge be given a full re-work in a similar fashion to what Flotsam and The Summoning Place recieved. It is just so dull and bare bones. Now before anyone jumps in, yes I know that the Exiles faction are supposed to be seen as living in poverty. But the interior of the place just feels ‘unpolished’ to me. Sorry devs, Im not trying to be rude or harsh here. Heres what I mean.

There are over 16 people living there, and they only have 1 Tent and 2 Bedrolls between the lot of them. Couldnt we add in say, a Log Bench, a Rock Slab, a Bonfire, a Fur Rug, and a few other rudimentary placeables…!? It doesnt need to be overly elaborate, but it is supposed to be a capital after all. Another idea I offered is that we could open up the skylight near the stone staircase and have both an above ground and below ground section to the cave.


You’re just complaining because it’s where your own NPC lives :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well…at least when he is there he is definately the best dressed guy in the cave. Im the envy of their squalor. :laughing:

Ps- there will be a new resident there soon enough.

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