Make Greater Lacertas Unstaggerable During Attacks

Looking at lacertas, they are somewhat appealing due to their unique tail swipe ability. However, they suffer from the problem that they can be interrupted by virtually any hit. This greatly reduces their effectiveness against any one creature, but they are otherwise completely useless against any sized group of enemies.

To evidence their impotence, you can often find lacertas dying to mere shoebills on the northern coast of the isle of siptah due to the fact that a single peck interrupts all of their attacks.

Basically, my feedback is that while I was excited for this pet, this one shortcoming of theirs makes them virtually no more than a lump of meat for mobs to beat on. I think this one change would make them viable, but not make them overpowered since they’re not exactly a devastating creature to begin with.

I think that a good medium for preventing the ambient mob from being a nuisance is to grant the greater variants immunity to interruptions after an attack starts. It’d be nice if they weren’t stunned at all, but at least being able to get off an attack once its started would be nice.

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