Make item bags destroyable by decay only

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Currently it is possible to simple destroy loot on the ground near instantly. This is usually done to deny recovery of loot by the original owners by someone who doesn’t want to be inconvenienced with taking it with them.

In a survival game items and gear represent both time more than anything, time to gather materials and time to craft the item. This chance would add time to the item destruction to allow for recovery and the requirement to either defend the loot or run away with as much as you can fight with carry quickly and to leave the rest. Currently instant destruction on time created items runs counter to the rest of the philosophy of the rest of the game.

Good idea — never understood why dropped bags of loot pretty much get destroyed instantly. Stinks to have your base raided and lose everything including items that the raiders just left on the ground (which makes no sense)

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The problems in this idea are 2:

  • dropping things on the ground is also the way you manage your own trash, and you need a way to manage this, think having your own base full of this bags.

  • most of the bags are not generated by players but by the normal decay system when a base decay. And the problem with decay system is we need more fast ways to destroy base-related things (like abandoned thralls and pets) not adding bags to the list of “ruins” of a decayed base.

I understand it’s… unfair the situation you describe, but I think a reasonable way to manage it could be if they make the disappearence of bag after maybe 15 mins more than now, not 7 days :stuck_out_tongue:

Every lootbag has to be calculated by the server. If they stay in the world more then couple of minutes this will further reduce game performance.

Not as much as you describe though as the items were already there to begin with and actually them in a bag would be less on the server than the inventory plus the graphics of the containers in the for of boxes and crafting stations and buildings.

The point is if you want to deny your opponent of their stuff in a raid you must A. take the stuff or B. risk them picking it back up if you decide you don’t want to bother with carrying it off. There shouldn’t be a “C” option of instantly destroying the items with a magical attack the bag it is disappears. This is not Star Trek with disintegrating beams that atomize objects conveniently and quickly. Option A. or B. are the only fair choice atleast from a pvp aspect.

Think of it as a scorched earth policy, where the raiders just went thru and burned everything they couldn’t carry. Also, many people “horde” thousands of items and that’s when they get most upset after being raided. I think the current system is fine, we shouldnt be looking at fixing things that arent broken.

I second this. I had a friend die while killing the black keep boss and while swinging my sword like a mad man it destroyed his loot bag and he lost everything : (

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That is of course your opinion no matter how dismissive you attempt to be about the current system it is still out of balance with the way the rest of the game currently functions. Everything about Conan exiles and most survival games for that matter can be broken down to one basic currency: TIME.

  1. There is time to find and harvest materials (stone, wood, iron, etc.)

  2. Time to research (feats/leveling) and produce (craft) items and basic materials (i.e. brick, shaped wood on up to hardened brick, steelfire/steel/hardensteel, etc.)

  3. Time to refine items (levels of buildings and gear T1,T2,T3 Levels quality: (Farming Thralls needed in Conan) : Examples Epic and Flawless).

4 Actually base building.

All these things take TIME to grind out and assemble. Now on a pvp server it is assumed that you will be building and rebuilding your base many times due to raiding and purges. And this translates to gathering, crafting, and assembling/reassembling again and again which of course again takes TIME. Gear needs to be replaced and tools recrafted after the raid, again TIME.

Now for the inconsistancy: Buildings take time to destroy (bombed, tooled down, trebbing, orbing, an gods purges) and this destruction excluding purges requires the opposing clan or player to take TIME to create the bombs to bomb, etc, etc. Now the pay off is usually and in the spirit of the game done on pvp servers through raiding to acquire stuff from the other players so you can save yourself TIME by getting finished produces produced by others TIME instead of yours. This makes sense. The one thing that does not make sense or follow the rest of the rules of the Conan game is that Stuff in a bag NO MATTER WHAT IT WAS OR THE TIME REQUIRED TO PRODUCE OR COLLECT IT CAN BE DESTROYED INSTANTLY IF IT IS CONTAINED IN A BAG ON THE GROUND. NO DECAY TIMER NO TIME TO RETRIEVE AND TAKE BACK TO YOUR BASE (RETURN TRIPS, INVENTORY REQUIREMENTS) NO TIME COMMITMENT GUARD THE LOOT UNTIL IT DISINTEGRATES (THUS ALLOWING FOR FIGHTING BY THE OPPOSING TIME TO RETRIEVE IT (YOU KNOW PVP ON A PVP SERVER) ) THIS INCONSISTENCY IS IN RELATION TO THE REST OF THE GAME IS BROKEN.

This does not fit the rest of the way the game functions. Even if you wanted to go with “we simply just burned the town” theory then there would be TIME to burn down (ie. destroying the hit points (Hp) of the item still there is nothing left like burning a foundation, wall, or ceiling of a building There are no nuclear bombs in Conan Exiles, but we can put ANYTHING just about in a bag and poof it away in a few whacks with a weapon no matter the HP of the stuff in side. The decay system is the only system in this game that should be allowed to do this and even THE SYSTEM TAKES TIME to remove items in this fashion.


Please stop shouting and speaking like you’re right and all other people who disagree with you are wrong please.

Agreed, you should stop posting as you just did this in this post (ie. I’m right and you are wrong, fullstop). The “shouting” was to make more clear to read (larger print) to the points that obviously were not being read . I gave full examples as to the inconsistencies so maybe you would like to discuss these examples instead of coming of arrogantly dismissing (with your wording in this post) without example the previous post.

Also I rarely see bags everywhere lagging the server as the game will put these bags when close enough into one big bag. The decay on loose bags is by no means a ton of time to wait for system deletion of unwanted stuff when setting up a base or other pve uses . In this instance one simply needs to drop the items in a place away from where they are building and the system will delete it in due time.

As you wish.

The time and resources needed to prepare and raid a base are << of the ones needed to build a base and farming all resources usually stored in that base. So it will be an inconsistency in the game if you’re able to gain all loot stored with a raid.

Plus in your reasoning you’ve totally avoided to speak about time spent to think and build defensive structures for storing items designed to have loot destroyed in case of enemy raid making the base a worst target (or just an harder target) to be raided in the first place.

Your suggestion will make the brainless total wipe-out strategy of raid always good, wich require less time and less skill to be used, that will be a serious awful situation.

Speaking about the bag decay timer, for bags it last in few time depending on the number fo items in a bag (I’ve seen bags with more than I can transport lasts after 5 minutes, if you drop a single object it will disappear in almost 1 minute).

The decay timer of a bag is needed to be short because players drop garbage all the time while playing, this is a fact.

It’s important:

1- for server performance, good or bad a server have to manage timers, items, loading etc. in PvP that’s not a big problem, in PvE all things requiring more server resources have to be absolutely avoided because performance is already very low !

2- for player comfort: as you stated the most valuable resource in the game is your time, I have to spend my time destroying bag or to see tons of bags around my working hall because I can drop thing quickly but not destrying garbage quickly ? Why ?

For that reasons I’m against your suggestion.

Ah, one last thing:

This is the definition of shouting and it is not polite, so don’t use it please.

If you give players C option, they will destroy EVERY lootbox EVERY time - just for the sake of destroying being easy. And destroying lootbags is no different then destroying crafting benches.
When craft benches where locked everyone blowed up every bench, because you could never know if the owner was not crazy enough to stuff his Arch priests in tanning bench. And it was like dropping an A-bomb.
Most players don’t take 90% of the loot while raiding - leaving tons of iron bars, sulfur, leather, twine or tools. Most of them don’t bother taking armors or weapons or t2-t3 thralls. All this stuff is worthless for the attackers, but can still be recovered and used by the loosing party. You can, of course, stay on site and wait for loot bags to decay, if someone had really pissed you off - it’s fair trade of you waiting time for their resources. But destroying loot bags with a snap of the fingers will definitely promote toxic gameplay.

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Just reading through trying to see everyone point of view and saw you posted this earlier. I Agree with the author on this one but confused at your statement. He is is saying that and option C is bad. You are saying the same thing. But its written in a tone of disagreement. I just wanted to be sure are you agreeing or disagreeing. If you are disagreeing then can you be a little clear on your point? Again this is just me trying to see all points of view. Thanks!

Was the same . I appears that he was agreeing as was the other poster who all, but made my point about how instant destruction of bags of any amount of items is bad for the game, but still didn’t understand the point made it seems. Some people are confused on many levels it seems.

Time destroying is the cost of aggression we should not make destruction easy or without equal or higher cost as building or creating as even burning down a house leaves something (ash, though for some reason burning something doesn’t provide this even wood in a fire… )

Server performance impact for a bag of items is not the same as the items if they were visible in game (crafting stations, thralls, and other displayable items as the bad is rendered but the items in the bag are not).

Bottom line: if you want to destroy something it should have to have it’s HP brought to Zero or make the bag have HP equal to the total HP of the items in it to be destroyed. Or allowed to be decayed as normal by the system.

I 100% agree. The most valuable currency in this game is time. If I went and braved the freezing cold and extreme heat to get Star metals and black ice, then they should not be easily destroyed by dropping a bag (though admitting who is throwing away those 2 resources?! lol at any level for that matter) The point is clear.

Agreed. I just hope the devs see the inconsistency in the way loot bags are handled in respect to the rest of the game.

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