Make khitai dungeons viable again

Hi! This is mainly a suggestion to FC. I couldnt find a section dedicated to feedback/suggestion, please move the thread if I have missed ut! :slight_smile:

As little development as AOC gets, I think keeping a wide range of content viable. Like how you’ve dine with unchained dungeons. Making more content viable will let players choose what they sant to do and stay in the game longer(which is more Monet for FC), instead og getting burned out from boring repeating RF stuff. Which lead to people leave the game permanent or for extended breaks like myself.

Its alot faster and easier to make khitai viable again, than rewamping entire dungeons like the unchained ones. Therese dungeons are great fun as they are. All that is missing is rewards worth doing ut for.

This could be easily done. As an example to how, add a vendor trading rare tropies for shards. The amount og shards could be really low as this would be the only way to obtain shards outside of the regular weekly RF.

And last but not least a note to FC: Players arent doing RF because its fun. They do it because the rewards are rediculous. Forcing players to do something boring with insane rewards are only good for burnouts, not for longterm population.


Certainly yes, its ridiculous how most of the time im the only one hosting khitai dungeons (mona not included in any cases) and even then just barely. But a vendor could easily be used as well for UC…so dunno

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An npc could most certainly be used to make unchained viable again to.
What I meant was that making the unchained dungeons was an attempt to make old dungeons viable again. But they dont have to rewamp any khitai dungeon to make it fun to go through it, where as the dungens rewamped into unchained ones were kinda dull before the rewamp.

I Hope FC umderstand that even tho there is few people running khitai hms these days thoes who do does it despite the rewards being og low value and they simply go there because its actually great and fun content.

Khitai is the best era of this game. I its so sad to see it as empty as it is now.

I know what you mean, but i think it would be much better to just have shards drop instead of exchange, or have both an exchange vendor and shards drop from Khitai and UC

I though if you have to exchange it, the rare trophies would be more valuable for fresh characters while better geared characters would benefit more from the exchange.

This way it would be viable for nearly all players while not cutting down om the grind by giving both rares and shards.

Also i think such and npc is faster/easier to implement than changing all the loot tables. That is important when suggesting something to FC, because the amount of work they are willing to do is very limited.

This could be interesting to them because its an easy fix and gives them more money in exchange for little effort.

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