Make loot meteors permanent (but rare)

Though the halloween patch needs some tweaking, I’m really digging the dark feel and meteors with rare loot.
Would it be possible to keep at least the meteors with the lost soul potion / rare loot as a permanent gameplay feature?
Similar to the spawn rate of arch priests and rare thralls, maybe an occasional random meteor falling out of the sky? Or maybe a sorcery spell that someone casts to “change their stars” that causes a rare chance based meteor drop to fall from the sky? (Maybe even a caveat that the spell backfires and rains down destruction instead)
The current mad dash and fights over meteors is fun and adds content. Would be nice if the meteors wrecked structures / people too.

I’d be happy if Loot pool was adjusted, and 1 meteor on its own would fall randomly somewhere. (after event) Nothing crazy like star metal pickaxes or potions, Just ore and goodies to those that find it. (lore friendly i guess)

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