Make New Asagarth neutral!


Maybe the religion you start with on character creation can be what determines your “neutral” city as a way to introduce various factions on a more grand scale, making the choice more meaningful. Currently you can learn all the religions so at least the starter experience would differ in this way.

I still think there should be a method to gain trust of these factions though, but it would need to be in depth seeing as how I doubt all tribes would treat each other the same so perhaps helping one tribe could actually make you more of an enemy to another.


I actually would like to see another neutral city up north. That would be cool.


Oh my Lord, it’s not about the game being ‘too easy’. Of course, if you’re Lvl60 with end game stats and gear, stuff’s gonna be easy. I can do math too. The POINT is variety. RP. Story. Depth. Fun.


Would be cool to have neutral Asagarth with merchants and free workbench, but guards should warn that they are watching you and if you take a weapon out, NPCs around become hostile.


My dream is an expansion that adds new lands (lush forests with pretty scenery) and another neutral town like Sepermeru. I know the devs have said the map is done, that’s why it is a dream. I would gladly pay for such an expansion.


I’d rather New Asagarth remain as is. If we need another neutral city, have it come in with a future update / new zone.


That reminds me of Neverwinter Nights multiplayer, when you used to enter cities with weapons out, the guards came to you warning to put’em away, if you didn’t after 2 or 3 warnings (like 15 sec) they started to attack you. I think this would work just fine in CE, it would add much more immersion to settlements like Sepermeru, New Asagarth, Mounts of the Dead, The Den, Black Galeon, not mentioning that PvP would have a spice in those areas.