Make night time great again

So night time in this game feels a little wasted. It’s like the only purpose it has is to be annoying since you can’t even sleep to add to immersion. My thoughts are to maybe make enemies appear in abnormal places at night. Like darfari on noon river (the cannibal raids all the lore talks about but doesn’t actually happen) or bat demons and spiders everywhere. I am sure Funcom already wanted to do this but had to delay it for practicality reasons but I just thought that letting them know they had a good idea would boost their spirits.


Night time sucks right now on official servers. Five minutes of nighttime? HA!

On my server nighttime last 45min to an hour is it? ill have to time it.

The other downside is i have nothing to fear at night.

Sandstorm nothing to fear with a mask.

On my server i fear the snow and blizzard since i have to get to shelter or die. Snowblizzard mod activate.

So yeah anything that increases chance of death to the elements is good in my book.

They could make it like dying light and add hunting beasts after us

I really used to enjoy how scary night was in Dragon’s Dogma with undead rising out of the earth to ambush travelers. Really heightened the sense of urgency to get to shelter.

I’d be all for having similar additional enemy activity at night. Nocturnal enemies attacking the fringes of camps, the aforementioned bat demons carrying NPCs off, undead sallying forth from Unnamed City and Black Keep to besiege the nearby capitals. Such a change of pace would be well worth having a longer night time, IMO.

Another change that would be good to accompany it would be changes in AI behavior. Reduce the sightlines of human NPCs unless there’s a light source, embolden predators, etc. There could even be special flowers that can only be harvested by moonlight, etc.


Also that tunnel-vision vignette effect (you know, how the corners of the screen are extra dark for some reason? doesn’t make sense in 3rd person, nor does it makes sense that all races ingame would suffer from night blindness.

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