Make normal short-cut with at least 64x64 size!

Currently it has a really small size 32x32 and it’s Minecraft-alike when it’s placed from Steam Client to the desktop. What a shame, though!

Very odd that you are seeing that, as the largest icon I can see in the file is:
which is not little:


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As a side note, there is a file in the binaries directory “Steam\SteamApps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64”:
That contains over a dozen icon sizes, might be worth pointing the shortcut at that.


steam client uses different one and it is 32x32 - funcom should fix it in the steamworks…

Sorry I couldn’t help. It’s interesting that different people get different takeaways from things :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s a problem I could sort myself, I wouldn’t consider it something that I would pass back “up the tree” as it were. Different strokes, I guess…

Out of interest, Funcom have done *exactly" what Steam recommend:

After a quick trawl through the (too many) games I own on steam, I have to say that Conan Exiles is not unusual in defaulting to a 32x32 icon. Out of a rough sampling of 50+ games I created desktop shortcuts for before I got bored (see how dedicated I am!) only about 25% had the default icon set to greater than 32x32. 4 were 64x64 and stayed at a fixed ratio on expansion surrounded by empty space, so they still looked neat even though they were bigger. I’m looking at you, Prison Architect! You too Witcher, you sly devil.

I have to agree that the larger icons do look cool, which is why I suggested switching to the ico file if you were really troubled by it. The Conan one looks pretty good at full size.

Medal of honour for me has to go to Neverwinter; that puppy looks awesome large:

Thank you for giving me something to think about anyway…


All the games shortcuts are ok, but not Conan Exiles one. It’s size should be increased in the steamworks a little bit - 64x64 would be well enough.
PS: Win7, FullHD (1920x1080).

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