Make NPC remember you ingame

I guess non essential non aggressive NPC are randomly generated, but I also guess each one has a unique temporary id. Why do not make a NPC that had an issue with one player, to remember that issue and get aggressive towards the same player everytime they coincide? I know that they will not live long enough in most cases, but for RP gamers could be interesting.

A faction system would work, but I suspect most players wouldn’t be in favor of it.

A faction system is already in game. That’s what are the lost tribe, the dafari, the dogs of the desert, and others.

Sepermeru use to be hostile toward anyone after attacking them and not finishing everyone off… pretty much until server restart. It sucked then, especially when you’d enter town and find the entire city enraged because someone likely went through and knocked out everyone, only to have them revived and pissed. So… idk. RP or not, that can get annoying from experience.

This isn’t what people are talking about when they say faction system.

What we have in-game is variable called community that sets behavior based on a number. That number is referenced to see how the NPC will react when they detect a player (attack or not attack), or how they react to other NPCs of different communities (again attack or not attack).

What players are asking for when they say faction system is for a way to gain favor so that communities that attack on sight stop, and/or if they attack a NPC of a certain community that said actions are remembered and the hostility persists between respawns (or even simply encounters).

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I get what you’re implying but it would be weird if you completely “Exalted Reputation” lets say Black Hand, so cool all friendly , they don’t attack, there’s exclusive vendors now. But then you see a T4 walking around and pull out your Seth’s Truncheon and “Biff!,Bam! ,Boom!” on your “friend” and drag his a$$ back for “reconditioning”, yeah…be kinda weird right? that’s why there isn’t that in the game. Now, if they make it to where if you do attack your friendly faction it completely breaks the reputation and then you could never get it back, that would be cool. And while you are friendly with them you would be locked out of getting thralls from that faction, but you get cool perks like vendors that have exclusive outfits or emotes or something.

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So in other words, use knock out orbs since they don’t go hostile with those.

Anyway, I’m not a fan of “never get it back.” It would feel better if they implemented stealth more. We got a crouch for no purpose outside of PvP. If there was a stealth feature, where you leave no witnesses (kill or knockout) maybe it would be worth it. However, “never again” seems lame. The reason I say this is because, more than likely, Funcom will continue to add stuff to the factions. So, essentially, if you save up and buy everything, then break faction for thralls, you’re screwed from all future stuff. Seems like a deal breaker and not very well thought out.

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