Make paid and free official servers

Just an idea, what if we could have paid, high resource, moderated and with an admin servers next to the free ones we already have. I’m not sure if it would suit everyone, but here is the reasoning behind it:
Official servers are currently free, the resources are therefor limited, at absolute minimum, not moderated and have no admin. A lot of people resort to starting/renting private servers because of this reason. They have to pay the server, either by having a physical machine running or by renting. Often they will struggle to get people playing on them. Server costs are not shared amongst the players. The admin task falls on the person who is most of time already taking the financial burden. So why not have official servers where we pay a monthly fee for the additional services and resources? Personally I would be more than willing to pay a monthly fee to have this kind of option, what do other people think?

Are you on PS4? Because I’m running a server like you basically described. Let me know.

Sorry I’m on pc, I updated my post to include the correct tag.

Skinny as long as you are playing in Europe (ping) and are a mature player you are welcome to join my small (can be extended) PVE server :slight_smile:

Back to topic:
I do not think your idea is viable since it would require a pre-investment from FUNCOM and they probably would have to recruit new staff.
Further if so many players would be willing to pay like a monthly subscription then why could they not also help keeping a private server up?

If I were FUNCOM I would refrain from offering such a service since they would have to launch it worldwide with questions left unanswered like:

  • With how many servers to start
  • Will there be servers for the local languages, segmenting it even further
  • How many admins are needed
  • What happens if a server has not enough population/activity going
  • How much to charge
  • Where/how to charge
  • What settings

Those are just a few questions poping into my mind when I look at the business perspective.

The major reason is something else:
How to handle claims?!?
Currently, as you know since I see you around the forums quite frequent, there are a lot of claims around, rightfully so.
So how should FUNCOM deal with this?

Should they focus on bugfixes to please the paying gamers (which will not be the majority I pressume) or should they put out new content to attract more players maybe leading to more people paying/playing?

But here comes the major question about this segmentation of players:
To whom shall they listen to when it comes down to suggestions and cries to nerf this and that?
The majority of all players or the ones paying extra money?
To the PVPers or the PVEers?

I am sure they are already in this bind today when it comes to balancing and suggestions but I would bet my left arm there would be way more people feeling entitled for FUNCOM to match their needs (regardless if it is good for the game itself) than there already are now.

Just imagine the labour the admins would have to have invested to give everyone the stuff back they lost.
Sure they could do it just like “I give you what you tell me you lost” or, what would be expected, they would need to check the database.
This all comes with a cost and I am sure not many would be willing to pay that price.

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Hi Xium, ty for your thoughts on this. You do have a point on many of the things you say.

Hi Skinny

You are welcome, but please do not feel discouraged to bring ideas because of this :slight_smile:
The invitation still stands.

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