Make Pet/tralls invinible and unable to attack till the player makes it to the other coast

To prevent the separation of pet/thrall/mount from the player resulting in the death of one or all I propose making the pets/mounts/ thralls invincible and unable to attack until reunited with the player.

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That’s already the case though.

If you die and your bed is far enough away the thrall and any NPCs that were fighting will stop at the very moment you spawn on your bed. They will stand there for about 20 seconds and mostly (usually) the NPC will return to their server routine - whatever that is (laying in the grass or pacing the grounds).

While away your thrall will heal at normal pace for whatever food they are using and the NPC will heal at server speeds which is crazy-fast. When you get within range upon returning if the thrall and NPC are within their attack range they will again begin fighting.

You might be able to test this yourself by bringing a strong thrall to an open field where you can see them from long distances. Make sure they are within attack distance of some being with lots of health so the thrall doesn’t just kill it quickly, tell the thrall to stop following and then run away. When your thrall is about 10 pixels high (ie. you’re far enough away) you can see them stop fighting. The distance is pretty far though. Then as you approach they go at it once again.

All that said, there are enough inconsistencies and bugs concerning thrall movement, placement, and so forth that this might occasionally not hold true. Additionally, I haven’t tested this myself for months so it may have changed since then.

I understand the HP generation, however that is not the issue. The issue is npc companion of your being being butchered while you are not near it because you are swimming across a vast stretch of water.

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