Make pets more useful

how about we allow pets to periodically generate resources in their inventory when they eat or gain experience they could generate similar to what they drop if killed . that way a player could raise a farm of resources. also allow pets that follow you to give a player attribute bonuse such as a bear making you stronger or helping you survive in colder climates.


Pets could certainly be more useful.


Certain pets need to be able to have bags (storage) mountable and armor also. Right now gas and low stats negate pets from usefulness.

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Back when I still played this game, I really disliked the thrall system.
So when Pets were introduced I was hopeful they could be an alternative to thralls.
And at first they were, sort of anyway. You needed to get really lucky in the RNG, to get a useful pet.
And even then you had to be careful with the pet, because thralls were still stronger.

They were almost useless as PVP base protection. Then they nerfed them…
A thing that should have been buffed, made utterly useless.

So I would love to see Pets made useful even though I no longer play this game.
I like to think I could return at some point, and a useful greater wolf would be a nice bonus.


How does that make sense? You want them to produce the meat and bones of themselves as a product of existing?

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There are mods that allow you to start farms with animals (for example Emberlight), where they produce meat, skins, bones, dung etc (depending on animal). It’s really well made, and could have been part of the base game.

As for making pets stronger, also a solution via mods, as there are some that make them stronger in various ways.

Didn’t Emus, spiders, deer, scorpions and other pets produce Matt’s when left in the taming station? Or did they remove it? It’s been a while since I tamed anything since the latest snakes integration.

They still do. Having gold and silver rocknoses in a pen is a nice way to get silver and gold over time.

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