Make players more aware of bandage availability

I couldn’t even tell you how many hundreds of hours I have in CE. In all that time, I only ever used bandages once, decided they weren’t worth the trouble, and never crafted any. (Used a looted one, fwiw.) Now, with the healing changes in Siptah/2.0, bandages are a must, and as far as I could see on the Feat table, you couldn’t craft your first one until the feat came available at level 25 or somesuch. Apparently–and I didn’t discover this until level 20–you can make “rough” bandages from the very beginning of the game. The same feat that auto-unlocks for every new character that lets you make bedrolls and waterskins now also grants rough bandages. I didn’t even think to look for this, because why would I?

Anyway. That’s the suggestion: increase visibility. Make it more apparent somehow that crafting basic rough bandages is, in fact, an option.

Dude have you ever come across a player using Jhebal Sag Prowel daggers?! If you don’t carry bandages your a dead man!
Even wearing champions chest piece won’t save you against them :joy:

I don’t pvp, so no.

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