Make Purge available 24/7 every hour, online players only

A suggestion to this great mechanic that ive never experienced yet (one of main reasons ive bought this game)… Im in an official pvp server.

Just make it so that there is a purge happening every hour and only target online tribes/players so everyone can experience this great mechanic, its been almost a month now that i have my purge meter full :cry:. It can also balance out large tribes to keep em busy…

To add: Pls fix thrall ai asap


I’ll agree to this. Offline purges are such a waste. No one gets to experience it, it destroys someone’s bases as their thalls grab some popcorn, then players leave the game.

I’ve participated in a few purges all over the map.
The ones in the north are particularly fun.
I just wish I could have one of my own rather than join in on others.

If its 24/7 online only, it would also prevent the major server strain between 6 & 10 at night as everyone feels compelled to log on to protect their base.

I gotta agree. Being married come 6pm est I’m in the middle of making dinner and getting stuff ready for the next day. I hate being forced to play between a certain set of times just to be able to experience a possible purge. I get up at 5am so its a struggle. The only time i’ve gotten hit is when im offline making dinner. Not fun to log in to see my base of black ice with huge amounts of damage due to real life commitments. People work. I get more people log in during prime time. But thats also a busy time for families and children. 24 hours. online only would make more sense.


Or they make a second feature that the unnamed city send battalions out every hour and attack the online player Base ;D so the unnamed City gets more dangerous in the Game