Make RAIDFINDER pop up screen work when game window is colled up\minimized to tray

Thats my suggestion cause waiting for HOURS for RF to pop up and miss it because you dont hear its sound effect when window is minimized is a pain

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Age of Conan does not have the capability to play sound while in the background. I’m not sure if that’s something they’d be able to implement or not but it would be nice I agree.

While i understand the idea, its fixable by having two monitors, not that hard with alot of todays computers. play aoc fullscreen on one, do other stuff on the other screen

This does not solve the problem because once you switch away from age of Conan the sound cuts out. whereas in other games such as world of Warcraft you can enable the option to allow sound to play while the game is in the background or otherwise minimized. switching to another tab even on windowed mode with dual monitors will still put your game in the background and disable your sound.

Sorry, the technology just isn’t here yet for this request. Maybe in another 10-15 years.

This exists in other games, both that the icon of the game in the bottom lights up, but also that it plays a sound even if you are alt tabbed, if I would guess this is a easy implementation

I guess i missed the sound aspect, yes that would be useful when you are fetching things etc so you know you should hurry back, both for Onslaught and RF.

I am not sure if this is just a sarcastic remark to AoC’s slow development but this “technology” definitely exists. In Overwatch, there are several instances where the icon in your hotbar will blink yellow (like many windows security pop ups do) if something in the game happens, like a match being found or even the start of a new round in the match or group invites.

It’s Funcom, of course it’s sarcasm.

like many things in aoc, but funcom doesn`t care :smiley:

lol nice solution, buy 2nd monitor of aoc RF, geniius!

crying on forum isn`t much better one tbh

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whats that ? :smiley: