Make respeccing impossible

Hey there exiles,

After pondering over stats for an hour yesterday and drinking 15 yellow lotus potions, which i theory would kill you, i decided that changing stats so easily is dumb. Why not make it super hard, involving a non crafted alter in the game. How bout literally only having two shots at it at the pegoda of boundless lusts? It would fit her dialogue well, and stop you from being metagaming crazy.

Long story short, it would be nice to stick to your character stats with limited chances to change it. It would make things a little more, well, survivey


But… why?


Mmm no thanks.


Hard no


As zerog said, making it an option would be ideal. Your idea, however, is wretched. The thought of no, or limited respecs is archaic. Why torture yourself and many others? Why make a new character and do that arduous grind to 60 again?

What was the catalyst for your theory? I’ve seen people do things that could be considered way worse and they’re alive. Hell, I’ve done a lot of things at the same time I’m not proud of that are crazy and I’m still kicking. Hallucinogens won’t kill you, but you might lose your mind.




and like everyone else, NO lol. This works if you have a clan of employees and everyone has one job and one job only. We dont play to work. We play to have fun and options and freedom equates to fun.


Having an option to disable/limit respeccing via server settings/admin panel might be a good thing and could work for some private servers.

But outright removing the ability to respec… just NO.


No for 3 reasons:

  1. I need to change attributes every time I shift from my builder/farmer setting to my fight setting, and I love it.

  2. The only way to find a good build is experimenting, if you cant reset your attribute you can’t make experiments

  3. This will be a penalization for new players: how many players after playing some time will abandon the game because they don’t want to remake a new character but the character has attribute points bad assigned ?

So no, thanks.


I think your final point, playing for fun, kinda sums it up.

I think there is something fun in defining your character to be either a warrior, a builder, an archer, etc., But I can see how that would eliminate solo play considering how building relies on encumbrance. And so does raiding.

Lol now that i think of it, you could do an encumbrance build and be just fine in pvp, but you wouldn’t be able to enjoy any other parts of the game.

All in all, I’ll have to agree. It’s not a great Idea lol.


Wouldnt it be nice if strength affected encumbrance? Really im just sick of respeccing to build! Considering that you can just change your stats on a wim why not combine a few and make it less tedious for the player?


now that makes sense, its this way in so many rpg games

Well, yeah, that is a GREAT idea! That is like 10x better than removing the ability to respec.

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This is the best reason.

It would be nice, example would be strength adding an additional 10 points every perk you gain in strength to encumbrance like agility does for armor.


I agree, it makes sense and probably it’s more realistic.

Honestly I always supposed in this game it’s not this way just because the build All-in-strenght will be too abused.

(…Or just because in the English version of the game is:

= savages :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Would you perhaps just prefer if Encumberance just stretched/gave a little more on a point by point investment basis Jesstheripper…?

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Id say even that would be better. To be functional at the first perk would be awesome.

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I just yellow potioned a toon 6 times to get it just the way I wanted.
Now it will never change

must be nice :stuck_out_tongue: I have a build perfect for pve combat, a build for farming, and a build for pvp. neither work together and I wont sacrifice a single attribute point to bring them closer to each other. pve-c so I pot about 4 times a day minimum UGH

I have mis-clicked, sneezed…drop controller enough times to give this a ultra mega No.

If you wanna add poison effct on potions or something do it… don’t punish people who goof to stop the guy who went 5/5 endurance to haul iron back to base before pvp time. >_<