Make respeccing impossible


Because it would make more sens for some people, maybe.
Imagine not all people having the same goals, and playstyles. Also this would need to chose. Chose a given build, and have to trade and work with others.

It’s a different playstyle, and fully doable on privat servers. For role-play servers it can be very fine. Of course hardcore pvp players will shake theyr head, and drink the next sip.
Still, it’s a choice, and why not ?



Sure, options ae still the best.
If now for this situation with the potion to reset perks and feats, or for other choices.

The most options possibles for privat servers and singleplayer would make much more people happy. Gaming should be fun, and a gamestyle a choice.
We actually miss lot option for singleplayer still. This is important i think.

But all communities are important, and there is no good or bad choice, just choices, and giving people options is def the best thing mostly. :wink:

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Agreed, I’m really tired of everyone pushing their nerfs on everyone instead of just having some self control/regulation. I already call them Nerfcom because of it. Less and less freedom in this game every patch!

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I aggree until the point your “having fun” include one-shot-kill me because I’m 2-3 levels lower than you are and you use a spear. Before some nerfing it was this way.

Or until the point “the game it’s too hard for me” means also for me “I can kill each creature in 5 secs of game… why are still playing if I’m totally bored and there is no challenge at all ?”.

Dont take me wrong, I agree the game has to be enjoyable for ALL :wink:

That’s why I think some regions of the map is good to be desgned to be level 60 expert - hard core players only but not all the map has to be hard for all.

And that’s why a level 60 hard core player has not to be free to one shot a 55 lvl casual player at all.


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I’d rather see a difficulty slider. So no content is locked behind being an expert or hardcore player.

Traditionally that is what happens when games take that route. They have some special gear or the like that is only available if you can beat stuff in the highly difficult area. And some people aren’t capable of it. It becomes unfair.

It’s as bad as games with the pay-to-win model, where wealthy players can dump real money into the game to get better rewards and the like. So they end up being at the top because they bought it, not because they earned it.

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Item level 345 or higher to join us in the Dregs! No Baddies! lol

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Funcom has always had “zones” of high levels and epic monsnters you cant beat until later. Hell in Anarchy Online they had super bosses that took hundreds of people to beat. They even let you play with the mechanic and twink into higher level gear so you can summon pets that are way higher level than you.



So go farm and get the gear or join a non pvp server…



What kind of difficulty slider. I recall having options to choose easy, default, hard mode when starting a game. You mean something more specific…as with bosses?



It was just in reference to the mention of having areas that sounded like they’d be super hardcore/elite/difficult fights. Not something I’d like to see in any game mode, since in most cases, content gets locked behind it, and if you can’t beat it, you don’t get the content.



I think you’re going a bit extreme. Instead, maybe make it so you have a cool down period with re specs, where you can’t do it within something like 6 hours.



A pay-to-win model and this model aren’t close imho.

Being unable to unlock something without paying it’s disgusting imho.

Being unable to get a super rare weapon without enough skill instead it’s something I like.

I’m an old player, I’m 40, back in the '90 all games was this way.
I like it not because I think I’m a pro, I’m terrible in fighting, but because this is why I continue to play: to acquire skill and be rewarded, if the game don’t require skill from me it become boring in few days.:wink:

But I understand this is a very personal point of view, so don’t mind.



why must the majority suffer the desire of one person? How about leave well enough alone and just don’t respec?



I think a hardcore mode would be sick. Or there being bigger consequences to respeccing. Making it a server option would be amazing!

Lol, funny enough that im the one who created this thread, but sorely realizes that this game changes so much with every patch that unless funcom reset your stats for you, you would be at a disadvantage because of being set up for a previous gamestate.

Example: right now I’m specced for only grit encumbrance and half strength half vitality. The way the game is right now, im unbeatable with a spear AND i can build trebuchets and raid your base. The mounds are tough, but Asgarth isnt, so i farm there.

Now me and my three man clan run the server. Again.

Combat at this state relies on grit, nothing else. Id really love to see that change to something less cheap. I mean, I’m winning and i still feel like a jerk for exploiting a botched combat system. Teliths sorrow is so cool, and people try to kill me with it all the time, but it isnt a speer and i have endless endurance so that sucks.

And on my tower where i buld trebuchets you cant bomb. Cause i build smart and ill kill you with a Spear. Weapons and tools cant damage buildings, which desperately needs to change.

I dunno. I keep griping. The combat mimics dark souls, but leaves out any closing moves. The community has complained for a year, which is long enough. it’s not gonna change.

When my clan gets bored of wiping the server ill leave for another few months. Maybe replay the Witcher, and Hope for the best!



So if a mistake is made then the player closes shop and returns to the game after 6 hours?

40 is not old.



You make it sound like making a mistake with your respecs means that it’s impossible to play the game, and that you can’t make any progress if you don’t fix it asap.



Yes. This could happen.



The potion is not the issue you’re facing. It’s the actual leveling system itself that’s failing us. Better admin tools and actual noding tools would be the best an admin could get.

With noding tools we could adjust, not only the multipliers, but the actual connections between resources, recipes and their results. If you are not satisfied with some recipes having some portion of resource requirement that you don’t like, you could change that on your private server by correcting the connections to your liking.



Im suprised noones made a pure PVP only server by just walling in the noob starting area and a GM floats around tossing weapons out to noobs and see who kills who and who bands up to kill the big guy who collected too much in the walled off noob zone.



That seems like it’d require a hellacious amount of work on Funcom’s part to allow.

Not to mention the many players who would somehow bork the system by messing the nodes up irreparably in their single player games.