Make respeccing impossible


must be nice :stuck_out_tongue: I have a build perfect for pve combat, a build for farming, and a build for pvp. neither work together and I wont sacrifice a single attribute point to bring them closer to each other. pve-c so I pot about 4 times a day minimum UGH


I have mis-clicked, sneezed…drop controller enough times to give this a ultra mega No.

If you wanna add poison effct on potions or something do it… don’t punish people who goof to stop the guy who went 5/5 endurance to haul iron back to base before pvp time. >_<


The biggest problem with this suggestion is simply that the game does not offer enough information on the various stats and perks to allow players to make informed decisions during their first build. Heck, the game doesn’t even tell us how many stat points we have in total, or how much a stat point will cost at later stages. Planning in advance is impossible based on just the information found in-game. And designing a game to be reliant on information found on a fan site would be silly.

Our perspective is biased because we’re veteran players; many of us have leveled several characters to level 60 so we know how stats and perks work. We have the advantage of experience. Newer players don’t, and punishing them for their lack of information would probably not encourage them to try again after getting their first character to level 60 and realizing that their final build isn’t good at anything.

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Respeccing should still be possible.

However, yellow lotus potions should have a 3-day / 72 hour cooldown before you can drink another one.

At least this way players will take their spec choices with a little more consideration since it would be a minimum of 72 hours before they are able to drink another one. This would encourage people to stick to a game plan / play style along with their pros and cons

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What makes you think all this is real. You might still be tripping :slight_smile:


The timers do a good enough job to keep people from spamming. Before, yes, people carried 3 or 4 for emergencies. but now, unless cheating, they have to do it by a fridge or fire bowl station. When they leave base, they are 99% stuck that way unless they return by their own power, or the power of the sword.

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To demonstrate how easily a controller drop can mess things up. Our cat knocked a controller off the stand once and wiped the entire Playstation hard drive. Never leave those things unattended around cats…especially if you are anywhere close to reformat questions.


For me, its any game that makes grenades r2 or l2… LOL


Altering attributes should be a rarity, not a usual thing. Like finding a rare potion every once and a while. I think that’s the point of creating your character… That uniqueness. If you don’t make him a warrior, then so be it. It’s your own fault.

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And how should a player starting his first play-through know how many points he can invest in each stat? How can you make a warrior without knowing how to make a warrior?

Really, it’s Funcom’s fault that the game doesn’t contain more accessible information on the game mechanics.

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No, it’s a precise intention you have to experiment, and for that reason exist potions for respec.

And I like it, you can do all mistake you want, you can try all way you want and you can find your optimal build(s).

I’ts not a fault, it’s a feature :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s… just part of the “survival” part of the game.

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“You will need to experiment” is just a modern-day way of saying “we’re too lazy to write manuals for our game”. Not just Conan Exiles - most game publishers do the same.


I disagree, it’s part of the spirit of a survival.

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There’s an explanation of your perks that you can clearly read when you’re applying your points to your skills.




There’s also the entire internet and these forums for planning your attributes. It would be nice to be better defined in your clan as the warrior, the seige mechanic, the builder, etc. I only play as a warrior and I do fine, it would be nice if that meant more.

Not to mention there’s a place in the swamp called valley of eternal dreams which was clearly intended to be the only place to find yellow litus potion, just like how the others are very area specific. If there was an alchemist cauldrun, or even the Bat tower, where it is the only place to use the recipe that would be sick!


No thank you! I’m quite happy we can reset everything “whenever” we want. I’m a solo player and I NEED this. Don’t make the game like ark, this is conan and we should keep it that way. If they remove this option I’m just quitting the game, bye.


No thanks. Good thing it is only an opinion.


How many stat points per level do you get, and how many points does it cost to raise a stat from, say, 31 to 32? How do you plan your character build in advance without this information?

Furthermore, many perks describe their effect but don’t tell us any numbers, such as

Fierce Vitality (you gain passive healing regeneration)
Artful Dodger (dodging costs less stamina)
Fluid Swings (your basic attacks cost less stamina)
Sure-footed (crippling effects are less severe)

How much less is “less” in each case, ie. is this perk actually worth investing in?


The problem with this also is that you are limiting solo players and bigger tribes will have a bigger advantage AGAIN over solo players/smaller tribes. This gives more power to the bigger tribes and it will hurt the smaller ones. Nobody is holding you back from not using yellow lotus potions, you DO that… will stick with this nice thing we can currently use to have FUN with the game and no RESTRICTION again. That’s how Ark died.