Make RF a one week a month event like WB and PVP Festival?

I just had a chat about RF with a friend. We talked about many of the issues regarding Raid Finder.

Some of which is that it occupies alot of players because of huge rewards for little(no) effort. This often make filling a group to several instances just about impossible.
As an extra disadvantage with this new players that are yet not good enough to do the more challenging instances like the ones in dragon spine.(Which are the only ones that are done regulary) New players should be able to learn in easier dungeon and Khitai is an exelent training ground. But it does not reward anything noteworth so the few players who know them only run the harder, more rewarding.

Also when new player who are done grinding RF and got full t4 they now are going from a no-brain walk in the park facing really challenging content if they want to progress any further. This leaves a HUGE gap in the learning curve.

My suggestion::ok_hand:

If Raid finder were only available for one week a month, like World bosses or PvP Festival. There would be 3 weeks where people do actual content. This would give new players faster gearing up to T4 while at the same time giving them 3 weeks every month where they could access easier content like thoes found in khitai. So that when the time t o proceed from RF came they could actually handle the content.
For everyone else who want to enjoy all the extremely good content of the game, the benefit of this would be undeniable.


I agree with this, I would even be open to quadrupling the atlantean shards you get from the epic box so over a month period you don’t lose out from this change, just to stop the inevitable complaints.

Anything to promote content outside of RF is a good thing.


RF keeps me busy in game when nothing else is happening. If Funcom puts shards on regular tier raids then I’d do more of those…that’s assuming that there are raid to do

As it is, I come on late PST and don’t see many raids/sixies/RFs…so you want to remove more reasons for me to play the game?

People that farm RF for blue boxes remind me of those farming WB for void essences

I would be really interested in how many players actually like RF…since all I really see on the forums are those trying to shut it down. Minority?

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I do a couple of RFs a week, and that’s with 5 Crom toons. I see the posts, some may make good points and some just rage. For me, I don’t mind it and I don’t grind it nowdays. I say leave it as it is.

hey its johnnyringo, i have reinstalled my game agian and was wondering if you all still played like we use too thanks

My take on it is this: I do one a wee per toon that needs rings. The stuff other than shards is just “bonus”. The vast majority of RF farmers I would NOT want in a six man or “real” raid. Let have there full T4 for little effort that they don’t need.

I would add T5 and T6 to drop in RF just for the pure fun to see these whiners how they will react on the forum lol :slight_smile:

Sadly you Are not the only player in AOC with selfish almost evil thoughts. Cant people just be a little selfless and see reason? :thinking:

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I would add an IQ test before you can post on the forum, so we wouldn’t have to read so much stupid comments :slight_smile:


Just give them both a one-week cooldown same as other raids. No more farming. Problem solved. And while you’re at it, increase wb frequency to weekly instead of monthly. This would mean players could fight one wb once a week with each of their characters. 12 weeks is plenty long enough to farm for a cloak… 52 weeks is mind numbing, and worse if collecting multiple cloaks. This would provide a fun, worthwhile diversion, without unduly impacting the regular game.

That would lead to the same situation as we have it right now, just that people farm WB non stop instead of RF. Even if the WB drops only T1 and T2 items people still farm it non stop, no idea why but they do.

Just give everyone 20k shards at the end of the event, so RF farmers can still do it for their fun and everyone who hates the rf as much as me, can buy rings and gems for a few combos and never ever have to join that masterpiece again…

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Answer to this questions,

Why do you want to remove the RF when you know your “guilds” do not make any pugs and do not recruit any players at all?

These “paladins” who say they want to remove the RF to get back the pugs when they are the first ones who make no pugs and have no intention to make them or to recruit anybody.

The fact that there is the RF does not stop players from making pugs, and if players do not make or even join pugs clearly means they do not care about pugs anymore.

I’m looking forward for the day these clown guilds will disband because so far there are only 2 guilds who recruit and make T6 raids yet i do not see them here whining.

Nobody cares about your “guilds”, because a 24 raid is not even the 1% of the whole community.

If you are an eremite piece of the community, mind to play your game and do not tell other players how they should play their game. Regards.


Guess why they don’t care about pug raids or groups anymore. Because you have easy access to T4 relics in RF while other dungeons do not provide these.
Why do something that is harder when you can get better loot from something that is easier and where you can type /follow and be AFK?


I still try to make pugs. Nearly everytime i play actually. And it fills 1 out of 5 times. You know why? Everyone is grinding rf. Do you know how lame it is to try to gather groups that never fills? It certainly make med think twice about even bothering to gather for anything. Or even bother to log in at all…
And before you ask. I have no requirement of gear or exp. Still hard to fill a group…

You seem to be the real paladin here. Or troll, I cant seem to take you seriously… :slight_smile:


What are you talking about? Who are you in game because here you are saying you make pugs, but i truly see nobody making pugs in game. Regards.

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Most of my guild left AoC, because of the lack of content and “non-RF” players.
RF was another thing that drove them away.

But I’m still in 3 different raid communities, which do T6. One of the raidleaders even bothers to make PUG T3.5 and T4, last was yesterday 20 CET. Guess what, a lot of people joined although they didn’t need anything in there. But why would any RF farmer bother to join?

You leecher don’t want to do proper content for the loot and I don’t want to grind RF with randoms every week for years to get the BIS Rings. Why should you get RF droprates buffed to get T4 easier and faster, while it seems to bother you to give me my shards so I don’t have to carry you anymore through braindead content?

Just stop trolling


This is your assumption. I say the community does not care about pugs. It looks to me that you do not really know what a PUG is.

An AFK player in RF most of the times gets kicked out from the RF. Be part of the RF before giving “suggestions” about how the RF should work.

That’s really funny, you know, I don’t even belong to any guild and completely rely on PUG groups from global in order to do most of the group things in this game. In the last 4 days I tried several times to form a group for the dungeon with currently “highest priority” - Chaos - and most of my attempts did not work because I couldn’t find people because people are farming the extremely simple RF that is active right now, at least next few weeks might be easier for PUG groups because these RFs require more brains and make people skip farming it non stop.

And no, not all AFKers are kicked, the current RF is a really great example, a certain ranger mysteriously follows a random person to the boss and only starts attacking once called out in the raid

And maybe you should be part of the people who can’t do normal group content anymore due to the raid finder, so with your logic anything you say about PUG groups is invalid as you are not part of it since you seem like a pure RF farmer.

Also, as mentioned before, maybe you should stop giving troll suggestions like adding T5 and T6 relics to RF, maybe then people start to take you seriously.

What are these pugs you are talking about, can you give me a definition of pug? I do group, guild raids, RF, PvP, but i dot see any pug going on. I’m expecting to see T5 or T6 pugs, not pugs that are 10 years old and indeed nobody cares anymore about them.