Make servers 20 players max

I mean this game obviously can’t handle 40 players
game keeps freaking crashing all the time
I rerolled on like 5 different servers trying to find a server that doesn’t crash 4-5 times a week
it’s the same everywhere
im guessing the massive houses everywhere and abandonned thralls don’t help

I would prefer them going back to the launch state… servers were running soooo smooth then…

I agree on massive houses and even more those abandoned thralls not helping though.
I guess they could think of a way to limit building in some way.

Purges SHOULD be the answer for that, but its so horribly implemented I dont understand why we even have it.

Purge meter should raise faster the more you have, a player/clan that has too many structures should have to deal with multiple Purges in a daily basis. Right now, you can build all over the map and MAYBE a Purge will hit a random place, for minimum damage, and you will be “purge free” for a month, it just wont happen again for a long long time.

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I recall one of the Dev streams talking about the purge not working as intended. They said they are looking at changing the database so it functions better. I forget what they said for the numbers but they gave an example of one official server that had 100’s of clans and only one building in one clan gets attacked at random or something like that. So, they know purge needs some serious work.

Personally, I think 20 players is a nice number for building but enough players to still engage others. I enjoy being able to find a plot of land I can actually build on vs a 40 player server feels like moving to the city with no money and no place to setup a home. 20 players, you can still feel like a pioneer on the frontier claiming your homestead. But then again, everyone has different play styles and game focuses.

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I disagree there need to be more people on a server. I go days without seeing anyone its pretty boring.

Performance was bad since release, but now its horrible. The DLC patch has made everything worse. most server drops under 15fps with <20 player :unamused:

I mean really the worst part is that everytime a server crash it takes minimum 12 hours to bring it back up this is garbage funcom should hire someone overnight to keep watching this god.

Do you try to play on top5 servers?
They have 60-70 slots.

I play on 5 servers and never have any problem. But then I have friends that can’t play on certain servers without crash. Looking at forum seems most the problem is with pc and PlayStation. Most people I have talked to that have problems on Xbox usually have a day one addition Xbox. I honestly don’t think the crash issues are all game related. I believe alot of it is internet speeds and hardware. My reason for this is I run 800mbs internet and Xbox S and I might DC once a day even in full servers.

Play on a dedicated server that runs on a powerful machine…and you will see no crashing or serious lag.

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