Make shelter useful in all biomes, introduce blizzard/thunderstorm/firestorm

I play since early access and I’ve always enjoyed finding shelter when I see a sandstorm approaching. These mechanics really contribute to the feeling of survival.

However, since the expansion of the playable world, the feeling is a bit lost. Finding shelter plays no role in the snow/jungle/volcano biome. Therefore I’d like to suggest the following:

  • make shelter also reduce temperature effects. This will reward brave explorers that do not have the appropriate gear, but are capable of finding shelter. It will be also quite convenient when a player relies on consumables to battle temperature effects - the protection will expire at some point and sometimes you just have to answer the door/phone or use the WC.

  • introduce blizzard in the snow biome, thunderstorm in highlands, thundra and jungle, and maybe some firestorm or choking cloud in the volcano. I know the lore and that the sandstorm is not just a plain sandstorm, but sheltering against it is a great touch to the survival element of the game. I think this touch should be present everywhere in the world.

  • make the sandstorm come from random directions and travel on a random path. I don’t have a proof, but I think now it always travels in the same way. I already know places where I can stand and let it pass right before me. It ruins the feeling of imminent danger.

I hope more people like these ideas and you consider them.

P.S. Please do not sell a majority stake of Funcom to Tencent!


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