Make survival harder

The water always annoyed me why is it all fresh water it it leads out into the ocean doesn’t it?
Water should be salt water and require a campfire to boil it in a glass flask before consuming as for food remove the health benefits and add a chance for burnt food. Not all Barbarians are master cooks

Reason? New players. Where should they get their water if they cant drink it?

What do you mean by “health benefits”?
I would agree on leaving the meat inside for too long would burn it. Maybe as some second step which turns each and every cooked piece into burnt stuff? Would be needed to be at the end of the crafting queue though…


Ok the glass flask may be to much but at the start your told to eat a filling meal eg steak you need a campfire use that early on to boil in a satchel it also give us a reason to make multiple satchels because water is slightly harder to get now.

The health benefits I talk about is the healing with food remove that an give back slow passive health regeneration food should just be for free fighting starvation not health regeneration.

I think you’ve been watching too many streams (or playing too much) “The Forest / 7 days to die”.
I think that this isn’t the wish of the devs for this game, this game seems to be more lore centered than those other survival styled games.

I understand the level of “survivability” that you want, but then it wouldn’t be too “new-player friendly”, for the scope of things that you are able to do in this game.

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Almost every survival game has the aspect of boiling water it’s realism and common sense you don’t just run to a random puddle and get fresh water.(oh look a random yellow puddle in the middle of nowhere ahhh refreshing)

I do own forest but haven’t played in ages I don’t own 7 days and I don’t watch streams…much
And just to let you know you can already get water by boiling ice in a glass flask in the camp fire and holy water to so it’s not to hard for them to make boiling lake water to make it drinkable

But by then, they’d have to make every water not drinkable, except wells, that require a considerative ammount of resources for new players.

I don’t disagree with you on this idea, so to be clear, i just don’t think that it fits the style of the game for NOW.

Maybe in the future it can be taken into consideration, since they’re adding thrall feeding now. If it feeds, it should drink as well, so to reduce even more the quantity of “floating thralls” or “abandoned thralls”, thirstshould also affect those NPC’s…

Funcom has already started this by saying
We feed thralls now so then do we need to give them water too down the path make every damn one a flask
By opening the can of worms that is thrall feeding other little things players want will follow

Not all water sources need to be changed water deposits in the desert are ok but things like the dregs , salt lake and noob river hell I even drank lava when the game become full release glad that’s fixed.

How is that harder? It’s just Mundane.

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Even so it’s better then the eat whatever you want and we see liquid we drink nonsenses we have now.

You can also drink from the swamps, don’t forget that :joy:

It does make sense, but they’d have to add some sort of disease if you were to drink from “polluted” sources, but then they’d have to add consequences for the sandstorm, aside the damage.

I read on a post a while back that a person wanted FunCom to add “subsequential” damage for the sandstorm, like destroying the planters, accumulating sand near the strutctures, extra stamina cost to run when inside the sandstorm (even with mask, because it’s harder to breathe), if you run against the sandstorm you run slower, etc…

It all makes sense, and would make the game more immersive, of course, but then it wouldn’t be too new-player friendly, because you’d need antidotes for the polluted water, depending on the effects,

It is, and i agree, i’m not arguing that the OP is wrong, i’m just saying that they would have to fix the problems that they already have, without adding any more. And that will take a while.

I might be coming across as ignorant, but english is not my first language, and i’m having some troubles expressing myself, been a while since i last used my english to this extent :joy:

It’s ok autocorrect is is my nemesis at times I just whant this game to be slightly harder/ realistic the water idea makes more sense to me maybe harder for new players that’s the point start the players off with a water flask build a campfire put it in the fire fresh drinking water drink the water as is can fill a tiny bit of thirst but take away hunger like the salt lake already does or just add a food poisoning buff to swamp and dregs water it’s not to much to ask this is a survival game after all where’s the surviving aspect when every thing heals you?
Heck the first perk I got let’s me eat raw meat now I don’t carry that flask or food becouse all food and liquids heal me.
I started a new game I’m level 54 now and I haven’t taken even 1 perk this game now feels so much better.

Does it? We don’t actually know that. There are some pretty gigantic freshwater lakes in the world, add in the already mysterious location of the Exiled Lands, and you can easily explain away the water as being fresh. If you’re so inclined.

Well I know the pirates suggests salt water (could just be a saying on their part though), so if we go by the idea that the water in the rivers etc is brackish at best, then yeah realistically you should either distill the water, or suffer a whole range of issues. Just boiling it isn’t really sufficient by the way, you’d need to condense the steam to get fresh water.

In my opinion, it’d be a unneeded complication. It is a survival game, so some amount of “non adventure” is to be expected, but there’s a whole lot of otherwise “realistic” activities that are abstracted away already.

Realism is not a goal in itself. Immersive and fun gameplay is the goal. Exactly what constitutes “immersion” and “fun” is of course different for different people.

My main problem with this (other than more things to micromanage, which we definitely do not need) is that it wouldn’t make the game meaningfully harder once you’ve established a base - it’d make things more annoying when just starting out, but soon enough it’d just be one more button to click.

The early game doesn’t need to be harder, and that’s all you’d achieve here.


You no at this point I really don’t care any more you clearly have put a lot of thaught into your reply that is s kind of sad to be honest I see to many of theses types in forums a simple suggestion blown out of control by a pist off poster probably having a bad day.
all good survival games have aspects that other people like or dislike at this point most if not all suggestions mad to improve this game will be labeled as micro management iv made a post explaining why thralls and feeding should be an option in local admin cause not every body including myself wants it.
this game does not feel like a survival game and shouldn’t be labeled as one yet.
For me at this point it’s a conan simulator only you’re not conan.

I’m asking for my thread to be closed since my idea of boiling water is to extreme for some.

If anything I could agree on the waterskin+glass flasks getting filled with uncooked water, which would be represented by a green consumable bar. The blue/white one would be for cooked water.
Drinking uncooked/spoiled water could come with a risk to infect one with one to three diseases. This would require the first fire being unlocked at character creation.

I’m kind of looking for the /sarcasm line.

If you are speaking of spoiled water, think of every single water source being “polluted”. (Obviously including wells…!)
Dont think of such complicated things like salt water. Instead, each and every watersource would contain diseases and there would be a risk to infect ourselves if we dont cook it.
Of course, certain watersources would need to come with more dangerous diseases or even deadly ones.

Diseases might range from a -1 stamina per second or the thirst meter being halfed up to a point where one looses 100 hp every 2 or 3 seconds. (Brimstone sea.)

But I really doubt this would really add to the game.
I think it would hurt the gaming experience more than it would help with it. Though it would allow for a neat survival perk. (You wont infect yourself with any disease if you drink uncooked water. This being first perk, current first perk moving up to second, current second moving to third with the third vanishing?)


Now you made me think about our toons wanting to puke or of their poop… :thinking::nauseated_face:


That is all true yes but like said this just doesn’t feel like a survival game without little things like this but if the point is to survive against other player how does that benefit the single player community I started the game eat some food drink some water build a house build stove and a well… this game is the sims for single players I can’t feel any reason to call this a survival.
Now I need to feed all my house mates.

If that is what you are after…
Why not changing your “server settings” (serversettings in sp being settings of the game, just assign yourself admin, then change it) for all those different settings?

Like 0,5 player damage (damage dealt by the player being halfed).
Or 2.0+ npc damage dealt (deadlier encounters).
Thirst and hunger rates risen. I may be wrong, but I think singleplayer even got lower rates for both.

that’s not what I am after
and I know all about the server settings iv been playing since EA I have raised lowerd every slider in the server settings to get what I want out of my game I have over 1400 hours playing and replayed the game.
I recently lost my old game and stared new for the new pet taming system.

You put the water in the fire then drink it what is hard about that?